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Friday, August 8, 2008

Declutter challenge day 8 - Family message system

I know yesterday I was talking about tackling the linens or the vanity table, but it turns out that both items I need to do that were broken in the move. The plastic shelf I was going to use for the linens now has holes in 2 different places, and we can't find the screws needed to put the vanity table mirror back on. So, in light of this and the time spent trying to do those two things, I decided to give myself a slight break and tackle something that's not as big but just as important.

And that would be our family message system. In the old house, the door lead right into the kitchen and was by the refrigerator, so the refrigerator became our catch-all for anything paper and messages. Any and everything that needed to be announced to our family went on the fridge. Well, now that we have a proper entryway, we no longer have a catch-all for loose pieces of paper. I experimented with a way to still post messages by the door, but it just wasn't working because there's no room left on top of the shoes, and the only other place was behind the door. The only reason that the fridge worked so well is that you -HAD- to look at it before leaving the're not going to check behind the door before you leave.

So, in lieu of placing a message system by the door, it is now in the kitchen. It is on a wall of the kitchen that is visible from the living room, so it's just as visible of a spot. And better yet, I can post my menu plans on the board as well. It works great because whenever my husband checks what's for dinner, he inevitably sees any messages or to-do lists I have for him. That, and the whole area serves a double purpose as decorating a very blank wall that visible from near the doorway.

I'm rather proud of myself for decluttering something each day of the week. Granted, I have the strong motivation of not living out of boxes anymore to do it, but at least this way I am concentrating on placing items in their right location, instead of just any location that is not a box. Check out the rest of this week's declutter maddness:

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Marcia said...

WOW - that looks great and pretty too :)

I can't wait to go back and look at all your declutter posts - I'm so proud of you!!!!

Well done :)

Marcia from Organising Queen

HDMac said...

That does look very pretty and enjoyed seeing all your projects this week! The first step of the journey.. on to the next ....!

Anonymous said...

Wow - great job on unpacking and decluttering at the same time. Smart idea too.

Good luck with the rest of week 2.

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