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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Declutter challenge day 2: Books!

We decided to go through our 5 boxes of books and pick out ones that we no longer read for Paperback Swap, and ended up putting 45 books on my bookshelf! You can read my review on the site/program here. We have way too many books that we just never bothered to get rid of - my husband had ones from his freshman year in high school. It was an English grammar textbook, and surprisingly, someone requested it. Since we're not planning to get cable while we're here, I plan to go through a lot of books!

We still don't have a bookcase since it was broken in the move, so all of our "keep" books are still in boxes, but here's a picture of the box of books that we're getting rid of...and this isn't even including the 9 that I already sent out!

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