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Friday, August 1, 2008

Declutter challenge day 1: Clothing

In my old house, I had a walk-in closet that I took over for myself. It was huge...I could fit a large dresser, a wardrobe, 2 lingerie dressers, and a set of cubby holes in it. I had all of the furniture painted pink, and I even hung a sign outside the door that said "Dressing Room". Well, not so lucky in this tiny pathetic excuse of a house. Not to mention the moving company broke 3 of our 5 dressers.

Now, I have to share a closet with my husband, and the only way that is possible is if we only hang up the things that NEED to be hung up and fold everything else. Also, his uniforms have now been all banished from the house and to be kept strictly at work unless they need washing. We also set up some wire shelving for my clothes since I can't reach the pre-installed shelving at the top of the closet.

I ended up with a huge pile of clothes that I no longer wear, and probably haven't worn for at least a year (though that was mainly due to being bigger than a watermelon and not fitting in anything for the past 9 months). Either way, it's a nice pile of 55 items that I will take to the
consignment store as soon as I find one. Here is the end result - still pretty cramped up, but I don't think it's too bad when you do take into account that there are two people's clothing in there.

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