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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My swinging coupon mistake...!

Learn from my mistake: print out any coupon you have a inkling of a chance of using, and stick it in your car even if you don't intend on purchasing anything!!!

Yesterday the moving inspection person came to give me my estimate - we're allowed 8000lbs, and she estimated 7900lbs, which sent me straight into hyperventilating a PANIC! I spent all night (literally - I haven't slept since my 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon) going through my house looking for stuff we don't need. I got a couple of rooms done, but I think I made the biggest impact by returning my daughter's Graco Sweet Peace Swing, and the First Years Clean Air Diaper disposal system. I raved about the diaper pail just yesterday, so there's nothing wrong with it...but I took it back to Target so I can simply re-buy it when I get to Chicago. I'll have it a whole lot sooner, no chance of it being broken, and I gain some good ground on my weight-reduction campaign.

However, the swing is staying at the store...for good. This was actually my second swing. It was a shower gift, and that first one broke within the first month. It cost $170, but the motor was making squeaky noises and had difficulty swinging a 6lb baby. NOT COOL. So I exchanged it for a new one. But now that my daughter is 2 months old (she turned 2 months this morning at 4:43am and it is a miracle I didn't throw a 2 month old birthday party), she wants nothing to do with the swing because the colors are so pale and completely UN-stimulating.

That stupid bear on the canopy does nothing for her, and the toy bar, beyond annoying because you have to remove it every time, only has a stupid mirror and a teether. So, the swing was going back for good and since I had some time, I decided to look at some new swings/bouncers.

Now, I had NO PLANS WHATSOEVER to buy another one today. Because that means it'll be more for me to move. And the movers could break it. I was only looking so I didn't have to look when I got to Chicago, or even better, so I could order it online and have it waiting there for me. But the one bouncer I had my heart set on was perfect for her, but was discontinued and they only had one left. It's the Fisher Price Bobbling Band bouncer, and I picked it because it was child-activated. Her little legs are always kicking, and she never cared too much for that swinging motion anyway. She just wanted to sit upright and look at everything.

It was pretty much the same as the Think Pink one, except it wasn't
pink meaning I could use it for my next child if we happen to have a
boy. That, and it was $24.98, versus $39.99. For a $15 difference, I'll make a pink cover myself!! Well, in the email from yesterday, there was a $5 off ANY bouncer coupon...but I didn't print out the sheet!!! STUPID ME! What ended up happening is I got the bouncer at full price, and plan to go back sometime before July 6th so I can return it, get $24.98 back, and then rebuy it on the spot with the coupon and pay only $19.98 for a brand new bouncer.

But if I only had printed out the coupons and carried them with me, I wouldn't have to make a separate trip out...!! Oh well, at least I'll go get gas for $3.82 on the way. And maybe work out a CVS trip too. Or since it's on the way to the airport, I can go on my way to pick up my husband if he manages to get leave sometime this century. But that's another rant for another time.

Learn from my mistake - print your coupons and carry them with you...!!!

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