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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Declutter challenge day 5: Entryway

The one plus side to this house is that we have an actual entryway with a closet, instead of just stepping straight into the kitchen. Well, today, I set up that entryway closet with our shoes & a catch-all system. I'm using one of those mug trees for keys, and I have hooks that I'm using to hang bags of stuff that need to be returned off the shelving. Again, I think I have -way- too many pairs of shoes, but unlike my clothing, try as I might (and I did for a good hour), I just couldn't bring myself to throw any out considering I wear them all equally much. On the very top I'm keeping extra shoes and wrapping material, and there is even room for me to do my PaperBack Swap wrapping here. On the bottom shelf there is still room for more stuff. Haven't decided what I'm going to keep there quite yet. Suggestions?

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