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Saturday, August 30, 2008

This week's shopping in review

This week just completely flew by for me, especially the past two days what with my back-to-back major shopping trips. Here is a quick recap:

Thursday 08/28/08
CVS: $22.45 of stuff for $1.09 OOP with $8.99 ECB for next time
Walmart: $3.98 of stuff for $2.61 OOP with $2.99 back from the BUNdinos rebate
Walgreens: $24.35 of stuff for $0.25 PROFIT
Thrift Store: 9 items for $5 (stuffed Dalmatian, lunch box, winter snowsuit, 4 diaper covers, 2 pairs of shoes)
Merchandise total: $50.78 (not including thrift store purchases)
OOP expense: $8.45
Rebate/ECB: $11.98

Friday 08/29/08
Commissary: 26% savings of $16.60
Walgreens: $65.65 of stuff for $34.35 OOP with $57.23 rebate (profit of $22.88!!!)
Merchandise total: $128.48
OOP expense: $83.72
Rebates: $57.23

Since I won't be doing more shopping this week, here are my grand totals for the last week of August:
Merchandise total: $179.26
OOP expense: $92.17
Rebate/ECB: $69.21
Total savings: $87.09
Total savings AFTER rebate: $161.38 - that's $17.88 for $179.26 of stuff!!!

Later today I will be closing up the August budget spreadsheet, and I cannot wait to see how we did. Although we've had a wild and busy month, I'm very excited to see what the final outcome is. This is the very first month that we've strictly stuck to a menu plan and budget, and so far it's working! I think we did so well that there may even be leftover funds to go out for a celebratory dinner!

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