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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My money-maker shopping trip

I had a very good shopping trip, and ended up spending $1.09 OOP for all of this. It's all going to the USO tomorrow morning. Things didn't go quite according to plan, but I am very pleased with my results nonetheless.

Buy 1 Kotex 16ct: $1.49
Buy 1 Zipfizz Energy Drink: $5.99
Buy 1 Pert Plus: $3.99
Subtotal: $11.47
Use $2/$10 CVS coupon (-$2.00)
Use $1/1 Kotex coupon (-$1.00)
Use $2/1 Pert Plus coupon (-$2.00)
Grand Total: $6.47 (use $5.79 ECBs, paid $0.58 + $0.06 tax)
ECBs returned: $1.49 (Kotex) + $5.99 (Zipfizz) = $7.48

Buy 1 Zipfizz Energy Drink: $5.99
Buy 1 Playtex Gentle Glide: $4.99
Subtotal: $10.98
Use $2/$10 CVS coupon (-$2.00)
Use $1/1 Playtex coupon from sample (-$1.00)
Grand Total: $7.98 (use $1.49 ECB + $5.99 ECB , pay $0.50 + $0.10 tax)
ECBs returned: $5.99 (Zipfizz) + $3.00 (Playtex) = $8.99

My original plan was to buy 2 Colgates, but I needed to get the Pert Plus to send in for my $3.99 tear-pad rebate. No one else carried the three varieties that the rebate was good for! I found it just in time too, because 8/31 is the last purchase date.

The other things you see in the picture comes from my earlier Walgreens trip where they paid me $0.25 for taking their stuff. The stray box of Kotex is from Walmart. I had to go to make a return, so I figured I'd pick up some freebies while I was there. I also FINALLY found a box of BUNdinos to buy for the rebate (again, just in time for the 8/31 deadline), and it's actually a moneymaker because I had a $0.50/1 coupon. Here's my Walmart transaction:

Kotex: $1.00
Bundinos: $1.98
"Superstar" onesie for the little princess: $1.00
Subtotal: $3.98
Kotex $1/1 printable: -$1.00
Bundinos $0.50/1 from All You: -$0.50
Grand Total: $2.48 + $0.14 tax = $2.61 on a giftcard. And I should get $2.99 back for the rebate. That's a free onesie and $0.38 profit.

I just absolutely love it when I get paid to shop...!

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