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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thrift Store madness

Can you believe that I got all of the above for FIVE DOLLARS? Yes, five US dollars. I made a quick 10 minute stop at the thrift store on base, and I struck GOLD. I would have gotten more stuff but they were closing. Let's count what I got, shall we?
  • 1 HUGE stuffed Dalmatians that's as big as Chip (it's a peace offering for Chloe because I accidentally left her out in the rain before I left. It was an accident! It's not my fault it started to rain when she was out pottying!)
  • A winter snowsuit thing
  • 4 diaper covers
  • 1.5 pairs of baby shoes (I picked out 2 pairs, but when I got home there was only one shoe of the other pair. They put everything in the lunchbox for me to carry, so I know I didn't drop it somewhere. I'm going back next week to see if they found it.)
  • A lunchbox for hubby so he can stop his whining and complaining.
That's 9 items for $ comes out to about $0.55 each. It's a great deal, because I have been looking for about a month for diaper covers. A lot of the little princess' dresses don't come with diaper covers, and it's just not lady-like to be showing off your diaper in public, so I am VERY glad to have found these.
I hate this base, but I sure do love that thrift store (which is okay, because it technically isn't on the actual base, just connected to it by a bridge).

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