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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walgreens PAID me!

Walgreens is trying to compete against CVS for my undying love!! They actually PAID me today. I went to take advantage of their Preparation H money-maker and to buy my 4 free Rimmel makeup, but instead they gave me everything plus a chapstick for free, and then paid me $0.25 for my trouble!

At first, I was a bit disappointed to see that they sold their eyeshadows for $4.79 because the coupon is only good for $3.79 off. But I really didn't want to go to Kmart since the little princess was on the verge of a meltdown and we weren't going to last much longer. And besides, I had $2 of overage to play with - $1 from the Preparation H and a $1/1 Rimmel coupon. So as I was handing over my items, I pointed out to the clerk that the coupon had a limit of $3.79 and I was okay with just paying the difference. She must have been daydreaming or something because she gave me $4.79 off, and scanned only one of my B1G1 coupons but scanned my $1/1 twice. After I handed each one to her individually and pointed out the limit on each coupon!

I noticed the missing B1G1 before I left, so I went to go speak with a manager. I pointed out to him that she went over the B1G1 value limit and she scanned the $1/1 twice, so I would be okay if he just gave me back $2.79 instead of $4.79 to correct her mistakes. I must have been speaking in Chiploe or some other incomprehensible language, because the manager didn't listen to me either and gave me back $4.79 and $0.38 cents in tax. He handed me $5.17 in cash and I only paid $4.92 with my ING Electric Orange Savings card for my free $25.

I am a firm believer in honest couponing - this is like a game to me, and the game is no fun if people cheat! But at the same time, I'm not going to turn down money when it's handed to me, especially if I've done my job in making sure the transaction is honest. No coupons stuck together, no crumpled half-torn things, no distractions...I made things as simple as I could for them, and even went out of my way to explain it to them. I guess Walgreens just has a jealous streak and wants to win me back =P.

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