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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Declutter Challenge Day 28: The sofa table/my couponing area

Unfortunately I do not have an adequate picture to share today, because I was so surprised by my husband offering to help me clip my coupons that I forgot to take one. I was running behind on a lot of things, and he ended up clipping and sorting all of my coupons. And we're not talking about one or two coupons, people. We're talking about the entire Sunday paper AND all of the coupons that I received from the giveaways. I'd be willing to bet that there were over 500 coupons in there. Just to give you an idea of exactly how many coupons we're talking's a picture of the coupon drawer BEFORE he sorted them:

When he was done the ENTIRE sofa table top was full of piles of coupons. All I had to do then was to go through and put them into my coupon album, which is something he drew the line at since my categories confused him...he didn't understand the importance of having a "Colgate" and "Crest" category instead of just a "Toothpaste" category. And I tried explaining to him that it wouldn't work out too well if I handed the store a "Crest" coupon for a "Colgate" item, but I think he'd tuned me out by then.

Anyway, here is what our table looks like:

This is the sofa table that I ordered online from Target for 25% off and free shipping. had a promotion of 15% off and free shipping on select furniture, and my Borders Perks 10% off stacked, so I got 25% off. It is so pretty and stylish that no one can guess that I got it for under $100. The blue boxes you see underneath hides our miscellaneous books, while another bookcase in the living room holds our series books.

The top three drawers have officially be designated as the couping area. In the left drawer I keep current ads and such. The middle drawer is reserved for coupons (which you saw), and the right hand drawer has all of my tools in it (scissors, pen, envelopes for sorting). It's also where I keep my giveaway coupons, my special surprises, and my coupons for troops.

And in case you didn't notice, it is right behind the couch with a perfect view of our wonderful 42" HD TV that I named Phil. Yes I know, I'm weird. But the positioning of my coupon table means that when we finally get TV service, I can pull up a chair and clip my coupons while watching TV (or watching hubby get blown up by grenades that he repeatedly fails to see in Call of Duty).

I am so pleased with this furniture purchase. It was an economically smart decision, because it serves 3 different purposes. It's a sofa table, a bookcase, and coupon central for me!

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