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Monday, August 25, 2008

$75 FREE from ING direct!

Update: Thanks to those of you who have already requested a link, and through your experience I've learned a bit about their referral process. It seems that you are eligible for either the savings $25 bonus, or the checkings $25 bonus. Well, my solution to that is to sign yourself up through the referral link for your $25 bonus, and then get your significant other or some other family member a checking account to get your other $25. No matter how you decide to do it, you will still be eligible for the $25 3-signature transactions bonus. If you end up with two people with accounts, note that you could get two checking accounts (although one person wouldn't have the $25 bonus), and do 6-signature transactions for a total bonus of $50.

It could prove to be useful to have 2 ING accounts - my husband and I both have one. There is a limit of 3 account links, so having 2 accounts allows us to send money to more places. Mine is linked up to our regular bank, my parents' account, and an old debit account. His is linked up to our regular bank, his mom's account, and his dad's account.

Anyway, sorry for the confusion...! Either way, you should be able to get at LEAST $50 from it, so it's not for naught!

I have been using ING Direct as my savings account for over 4 years now, and I must say that I have nothing but good things to say about them. They offer a quick turn-around rate for money transfers, and offer a much better interest rate than your regular brick-banks. I also love the fact that you can set up links between three different accounts - we regularly use it to send money to my parents. ING accounts are truly no obligation - no huge opening deposits, no minimums, and no monthly direct deposits needed.

And even better - they offer FREE money. All you need is a little bit of time and an extra $250. After you get your free money, you can take that $250 right back (although it'll now be $325), or you can keep it with ING and let it grow. Either way, you'll be getting some free money! Here's how to get your free $75:
  1. Email me for a referral link.
  2. Open an Orange Savings account through the link with a minimum opening deposit of $250. You will get $25.
  3. Open an Electric Orange account through the link with a minimum opening deposit for $250. You'll get another $25.
    The Electric Orange account comes with a debit card. You can wait until you've received your $25 for opening your Orange Savings to open the Electric Orange. You can transfer the $250 from the Orange Savings over to the Electric Orange so you don't necessarily need $500 laying around.
  4. Do 3 signature transactions with your Electric Orange debit card within 45 days and get another $25.
    I kept $25 in the Electric Orange account and plan to do my 3 transactions at CVS. Once I get my bonus, I will be putting all my money right back into my ING Savings and leaving my Electric Orange account at $0.
  5. Enjoy your free $75!
If you have a little bit of time, that's $75 in free money for you. I get $10 per referral, but nothing from you using your electric orange card, so if you would rather sign up for the accounts without my referrals, you are still eligible for the free $25 after 3 signature transactions...just not the other $50. Whether or not you decide to email me for a referral link, I highly encourage you to check ING out...I am very pleased with them and have recommended them to everyone I know.

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