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Monday, August 25, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies

I've been slacking on my Mailbox of Goodies lately, so that picture only represents what I received in the mail today. I have gotten many a freebies in my mailbox, and from what I can tell, smaller companies are a LOT quicker about sending out their freebies. I've received some within days of requesting them, versus the regular waiting time of weeks.

Here are the freebies that I've received:
  • Omaha Steak Recipe Booklet
  • Large Greenies treat (I think I requested this a LONG time ago, because it was mailed to our old address and forwarded here)
  • Kotex gift sample from Walmart with a $1/1 coupon inside! Remember that you can request this again from Walgreens!
  • Packet of Stride gum (again, this was forwarded, but I think this was from their "court case" game online)
  • Sweat Block
  • Vitabase Teas: I cannot wait to try out these teas. They came in the cutest little black packet and smells utterly delish. Normally I reserve tea and coffee samples for gift baskets that I put together, but I might have to make an selfish exception for Vitabase Teas. Their samples also came with some money saving coupons.
  • Hylands Leg Cramps with a $0.50/1 coupon
  • My monthly free copies of Good Housekeeping and Parenting magazines.
Please remember to check out my "Incoming Freebies" list to the right. This list is updated daily, and represents the freebies that I have personally requested. When I receive them, I make a posting about them and remove them from the list, so if you would rather see a list of "guaranteed" freebies, check out all of my postings on Freebies.

I also received my $5 Perks Plus back-to-school rebate check today. That was quick! Another highlight of my Mailbox of Goodies is that I have been receiving the prizes from some of the blog contests that I've entered. I received my pet coupons from The Daily Plog today, and I received my Yankee Candle coupon from Mummy Deals a few days ago.

I am so excited at winning all of these coupon much so that I think I need to have my own. So keep your eyes peeled for My Precious Pennies' first giveaway in the coming days! I already have some nice prices stocked away, but I need to hold off for a couple of days until my life calms down a bit. Stayed tuned, because it will be sometime this week!!

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Patricia said...

Yay! I'm glad you received your pet coupons :)

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