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Friday, August 29, 2008

Declutter Challenge Day 29: Bookcase & coupon stuff...again

Is it against the rules to declutter the same thing twice? Well, it doesn't matter, because I decluttered TWO things today. Yesterday I talked about how we keep all of our books that are in a series in a separate bookcase. This was never the original plan, but everything just would not fit under the sofa table, so this is plan B. And I'm starting to like plan B, because books that are in a series are actually quite nice of a decor item.

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but the one thing I've noticed about this house is that we have some REALLY weird angles going on. It all looks a lot better in's just really hard to photograph.

It's actually the perfect place for a bookcase because we have a lamp right behind it. The lamp was a Target brand and normally sells for $50+, but I found it at the Salvation Army in its unopened box for $6. But anyway, it's the perfect reading spot, and having series of books out makes for a lot neater look than random books. It's a bit taller than I would have liked, but it doesn't look too bad. And besides, the extra height gives Mickey a clear view of everything. He's one of those original rotary dial phones. I love Mickey, and my husband thinks I'm nuts for getting a huge kick out of dialing with him.

Now, the second thing that I decluttered (again) is my coupon organizing system. A while back I told you about how I have a store envelope system, which is basically an envelope for each store with all the coupons and deals inside it. I had an index card inside that separated my register coupons, and in the CVS envelope I had a ECB card too.

Well, all those envelopes got tiring fast. The envelopes are so weak, and although I reused envelopes from junk mail, it just got tiring to have to replace them all the time. So I bought a $1 accordion folder from Target. It's red like my coupon album, and fits perfectly in my little tote.

Today I am going out to Walgreens and the Commissary, so I will report back on how I like this new system. But I'm positive that I'm going to fall completely in love with it. It was already so easy putting together all my coupons and lists, and I didn't have to worry about grabbing the wrong envelope or something falling out.

Here's my week in recap:
Declutter Challenge Day 28: The sofa table/my couponing area
Declutter Challenge Day 27: My desk!
Declutter Challenge Day 26: Baby stockpile
Declutter Challenge Day 23 - 25: Living Room continued

Yes I know I know, I never showed off pictures of the living room, but bear with me! I'm a perfectionist, and I want EVERYTHING in its correct place before I make the big reveal. Right now I'm just down to deciding where to hang pictures, for an OCD perfectionist, that takes a LOT longer than you would think!'s already day 29...there's only 2 days left! Can I just continue my own declutter challenge afterwards? Can I be weird and a loner like that, or would someone actually join me? It's really not my fault that I have so much crap that needs to be decluttered...really!


Diane said...

I am there with you and Marcia has decided to continue it once a week so we could post what we are decluttering. I too have a lot of crap but I realize a big amount is mine that needs to go. This challenge has really given me the motivation to declutter and I sure am happy we are continuing it.

Me said...

I'm going to be continuing also. I know that probably half of my stuff can go but it's so hard to find things when I have to blog about it!

HDMac said...

Good job! I, too, am going to continue along. This has been a very rewarding experience!!! And some great friends have been made also! :)

Amanda said...

I am going to try to continue too. Congrats on winning for last week!

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