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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Declutter Challenge Day 27: My desk!

Today I can finally reveal a small part of the past couple days of work. Due to lack of space, my desk/work area is downstairs in the living room. This is a brand new desk that we got at Ikea this weekend. The desk was $99, and the hutch was in their As-Is section for a mere $25. The chair was also from Ikea for only $8 - but that was because they forgot to ring up the bottom half of it and I didn't realize this until after the 40 minute drive home. Sorry Ikea! But I am so very happy with this desk - it looks awesome, didn't cost a fortune, and fits everything in it.

I even have a whiteboard space to write down all my notes and stuff! And even better, my printer can fit on my desk! You have no idea how happy I am about this - we used to have to keep the printer in the closet and only bring it out when we need it, so this is a SUPER luxury to have it right on the desk.

As you can tell, I used old shoe boxes to hold papers on the upper shelves. I have a box of notecards, greeting cards, and envelopes, and then I reused that box's lid to hold scrap pieces of paper. I also have a box for all of my couponing/deal-making devices. All of my uncut coupons are in our sofa table (and that's for tomorrow!), but since I need to be on the computer when putting together my shopping list, it only made sense to put the store envelopes and my clipped coupons in my desk.

And it gets even better. All of our electronics are now in one place:

The camcorder, camera, and bluetooth are all in my top drawer. This is so great, because they used to be wherever we can find an open plug, and I cannot tell you how many times I had a mild heart attack because we couldn't find the connection cable for something. It also helps that they have a set location now, because my husband knows where my camera is and will automatically go to get it to take pictures of our little princess and capture whatever adorable thing she's doing. Before, all these adorable moments just went uncaptured.

I am so very very happy with this desk, and I'm sure little Chippy is too (note the dog bed under the desk)!


Beth Dargis said...

Great work! I love it when the electronics can be all together.

Anonymous said...

Wow - looks great. It must be wonderful to have everything in its place, even the printer.

BTW - I have a Chip as well. He's a 16 y.o. apricot miniature toy poodle. He doesn't are much for the mailman, fed-ex or dhl (wo)man either. :-)

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