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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: money & free baby food!

UPDATE: Read about my wonderful experience with Beech-Nut and find out how you can get on their mailing list to receive your own starter kit here.

Sometimes my favorite person in the world next to my little princess and my husband is the mail man. I wish Chloe and Chip would feel the same way, considering this is the same man who brings them their free treat coupons and samples. Anyway, I got some really great stuff in my mailbox today:
  • The Dragon King's Palace by Laura Joh Rowland from Paperback Swap.
    I love this series of books, which is set in Japan 1600's and follows the adventure of a samurai detective and his unconventional wife. Normally I'm not a big fan of detective stories or mysteries, but half the time I don't even realize it's a detective novel because I'm so engrossed in the relationship between the characters! If you need something to read, go read this series!
    Sorry...I got side tracked...back to our regularly scheduled programming posting.
  • $1/4 Beech-Nut baby food coupon. The best part though is if you sign up to become a Beech-Nut Mom you'll get free cereal and 2 free jars of baby food...I'm definately doing that! You need to have received this mail-out in order to be eligible though because you will need your customer code. I didn't even request this and it was actually addressed out to my husband, so I have no idea how I got on their mailing list. I'll do some poking around and report back.
  • A BlackCloud FS Steel bumper sticker.
    Again, I didn't request this...I keep track of all the freebies that I request and this isn't on the list. Weird.
  • My Walgreens EasySaver rebate for August.
    Check was for $22.75 and I spent $21.57 including tax. I love free stuff, but I love free money even more. Speaking of...
  • A $100 check for opening a Chase Checking Account.
    Basically all I have to do to avoid their monthly service charge is to make 5 debit card transactions a month. I love free money...! Make sure you check out my post on ING Direct for MORE free money!
But the best thing I got in my mailbox today (aside from the book, but that's a personal obsession opinion that doesn't count) is the free CD from Practical Money Skills. They set a record for quickest freebie - I only requested this YESTERDAY. But I am so glad that I did it, because they have a lot of good resources for covering financial topics. It is designed for teachers, but I am definately hanging onto it to use with my daughter once she gets old enough. They have presentations and activities for kids ranging all the way from preschool to college! They even have games to help speed the learning process along. I'm half tempted to make my husband play them! And if that wasn't enough, they have a whole range of calculators to help you figure out your budget, holiday spending, car loans, saving for name them, they've got it. Did I mention that this CD was FREE?

If you have children and you would like a way to ease them into financial topics like spending and saving, this free CD is definately the way to start. Hey, even if you don't have children I would request a copy of the CD just for their calculators!

And don't forget to check out my list of Incoming Freebies. Here are the new additions of the day:
Go request your freebies now, and before long you will love your mailman and your mailbox as much as I do =).

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