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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Works for me Wednesday: Puppy Pads!

For a long time, our changing table area was a huge dilemma for us. What happens when the little princess relieves herself while being changed...???? You know it's going to happen too, so there's no use in pretending that there's no possibility of it happening. I know they offer absorbing washable pads at the baby store, and my mother-in-law suggested a cloth diaper, but let's be honest. Those absorbing washable pads are like $5 each! Yes, cloth diapers are cheaper, but the underlying problem with both of these is that they need to be washed. Immediately. And dropping everything that I'm doing to start a load of laundry is not an appealing solution (if you can even call it that).

What finally give me my "EUREKA!" moment was seeing the disposable blue pads they had at the pediatrician's office to cover the scale. They looked like smaller versions of the puppy pads we used for Chloe when she was a puppy and we were 4 stories up in an apartment! So that afternoon I went out to Walmart and got myself a pack of puppy pads. It was some ridiculously low price - $5 for 100 or something like that. Babies r Us sells exact replicas of the ones at the pediatrician's office, but it's at a crazily inflated price...comes out to being like $1 per pad.

I love these puppy pads because they are disposable! When the little princess decides to go while we're changing her, I just pick her up, toss the puppy pad in the trash, and slap on a new one. And those pads hold an incredible amount of liquid. She had an accident once at the pediatrician office, and it went everywhere because their pad couldn't soak it all up. Not these puppy pads. And it makes sense, because they design these pads for use when owners are out of the house and they expect puppies to go multiple times. And as a bonus the pads smell great too, because they have a deodorizing component in them.

We now use puppy pads everywhere, and they are cheap enough for us to do that too. I use them at home to cover our changing tables, and I also keep some in the car. I don't even bother with those silly diaper changing pads anymore...I just prop down a puppy pad on the seat of my car and change her there. People think I'm nuts because the puppy pad is so thin and whimsy, but I'm telling could drop a small soda on there and that pad will soak it up. And the best part of it is I can fold and squish that pad down to fit anywhere instead of having to lug around a huge diaper bag.

Thank you Chloe and Chip for introducing me to the world of puppy pads!


AmyK said...

What an awesome idea! That never would have occurred to me.
Great to know for future reference when my hubby and I have kids! Thanks!

Kama said...

That is a great idea. Our first baby is due in 5 weeks and I'll definitely be looking into that idea!! I just won't tell my mom what they really are. :)
I used puppy pads to "try" to train a puppy I once had. I would return home to find the pads chewed up and the floor peed on. Such a smart dog.

Cheryl said...

I don't have a baby but that is a really great idea as another use for puppy pads.

Mindy and Holly said...

We would use ours in the pack-n-play and crib under the sheet just for extra protection. In fact, I think we still have one in the pack-n-play b/c she never soiled it. I'm not sure what made us think of doing that.

Llama Momma said...

fantastic tip!!! I will totally use this!

milissa said...

Hi...I'm new to the blogging world...and just discovered yours. It's so funny that you talk about puppy pads here...I don't have littles now, but I do have a dog that is puppy pad trained. He will not go outside and the puppy pads have been a lifesaver. And you're right...they'll hold A LOT! If you use the OUT! brand, you can send off for rebates too making them cheaper. The marked packages have a form for buy 10 get $5 back. (you have to send in the upc codes, but not the receipt.) They also have coupons and rebates on their seems they change those frequently so I print a bunch out at one time. The one I have is $1.50 off...but I think right now it's only .50 off. Print it & keep checking. :)

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