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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another BRU $5/$25 coupon!

There's another printable $5/$25 BRU coupon for this weekend! It comes on a sheet of other coupons:
  • $20 off every car seat $99.99 or more
  • $10 off every car seat $39.99 or more
  • Save 15% on all crib bedding sets $100 or more
  • Save $10 on every high chair $59.99 or more
  • Save $10 on every play yard or bassinet $59.99 or more
  • Save $10 on every infant swing
  • Save $5 on every walker, stationary entertainer, or activity jumper
  • Save $20 on every stroller or travel system $99.99 or more
  • Save $10 on every stroller or travel system $39.99 or more
  • Save $10 on all carriers or slings
We ended up not getting a replacement bouncer last week with the $5/$25 coupon since they didn't carry the one we had, but we'll have to go this weekend to get some sort of entertainment device for our little princess. She sleeps through the night (always has), but the downside to that is she doesn't really take naps during the day...which means mommy can't do anything without upsetting her and sending her off on a screaming rampage. And she's getting to the age where staring off into thin air isn't entertaining anymore.

Now if only she had enough hand-eye coordination and strength to grab a tennis ball...then I can kill 2 birds with one stone! The baby will be entertained, and the most annoying Chip dog who constantly drops balls at my feet will also be entertained! Oh how I wait for that day to come....!

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