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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Petsmart: $3 off any FURminator deShedding Tool

UPDATE: What's That Smell? is having a GIVEAWAY for FIVE furminators! Yes...FIVE of them. So go over there and enter right now! And the Petsmart coupon is good until 9/29, so even if you don't win one, you can go and get one for yourself!

I received an email today from Petsmart containing a printable $3 coupon off any size dog or cat FURminator deShedding Tool. It's good until 9/29/08.

If you have a shedding dog, the FURminator probably the best investment of your money. Every summer, Chloe sheds like nobody's business. She doesn't look like a shedding dog, but oh boy does she shed. Shaving her down helps it a bit, but doesn't stop it. But the FURminator does! It is the only dog brush that I will have in our house. The first time we used it on her, I got a whole Target bag full of hair from her. And what's more, Chloe loves it. She used to hightail it out of the room when she saw the brush come out...but not with the FURminator. She actually comes to me with her tail wagging. I guess it feels good to her to get all that dead hair out.

This past March, I also bought one for my parents' dog...a 90lb lab mix. He sheds even worse than Chloe. When we give him baths, all you have to do is touch him and your hand looks like a Wookie's. Well, the first time we used it on him, we got about 5 bags of hair from him. No kidding.

The promotional picture on the FURminator website with a golden sitting in a pile of his hair...from my own experience I can tell you that there is NO WAY that is staged. If I can get 5 bags of hair from this dog:

...then you can definitely get all that from a Golden.

I can't speak for the shampoos or for how the product works on cats, but I just know that it is a lifesaver in not only my own house but my parents'. We've never used the shampoo because the FURminator worked well enough for us, and I don't know how the product works on cats since we don't have any!

It's a bit expensive for a dog brush, but we have saved SO much from grooming fees that it's definately worth every single one of our pennies!

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Thanks for blogging about the contest and adding our button.

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