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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Declutter Challenge Day 30: Our fridge

This isn't really a declutter, but more of a re-organization day. I decided that our fridge needed some help.

Since we've been menu planning this month, our fridge has been very bare and empty, and a result we've taken to just tossing things in there. It's not a huge problem, but when you get into the habit of just throwing things you tend to lose sight of things and overbuying. I also didn't want to ever have to dig through our fridge - I just want to open it and see at a glance what we have. We've got a big enough fridge that I should never have to move something to see what's behind it.

I know it seems like I didn't do much, but I reorganized the fridge so each section was designated for something. The bottom of the door is now reserved for spices/bottles that need to refrigerated. The top is currently open for any and all things. I put two old containers in the fridge to further organize things - the clear one that you see the carrots is my "grab box" for dinner. I basically use that to pull out everything that I need to cook dinner with. I hate making 10 trips to the fridge, and then deciphering what goes back in the fridge and what doesn't amongst all of the cooking materials.

The little pink container in the back is responsible for holding all of our "halved" veggies. Basically if I happen to use half a tomato for lunch one day, the other half would go in this container. I definately don't want to throw it back in with the untouched veggies, because the half a tomato needs to be finished off ASAP. The pink container needs to be checked every time I make dinner, so I can see if I can include those things in dinner somehow. The rest of the bottom shelf is reserved for drinks.

The top two shelves are empty, but I like it that way! The middle shelf is for miscellaneous supplies that need to be refrigerated (butter, marinade sauce...etc.), and the top is for leftovers. This system will really help us out, because it's a very simple grab-and-go!

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