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Monday, October 27, 2008

Walgreens October Scoresheet

The results are in for my October ESR!  I'm so happy that all of my invisible disappearing rebate items showed up...sorta.  Back when the LypSyl was visible, it had a rebate limit of $3.99 so I assumed that it was a limit of two since last month they were $1.99.  Guess not.  But that's okay, because I got a full rebate on the Chemistry Hair Care, even though last month the limit was $7.99.  I'm super happy about that!  Now that my rebates have been finalized, my total return for my DD trip comes out to $50.46 with $22 of those being RRs.  My total expense was just $39.59, so that's a profit of $10! 

I decided that I will be requesting my rebate to be reloaded onto my gift card, because that $7 bonus is just too good to pass up.  November doesn't look too promising, so I can always request a check for November.  Either way, when I started WAGing (yes, that's another technical term) I knew that it was going to be an investment. 

It's rather hard to determine how much I spent to get an $75 rebate, but I'll do my best:
  • Double Dipping Madness for September/October: total $23.06
    I got $13 back from the September rebate, so technically my running total is $10, but I also got non-rebate items (2 packs of Charmin), so to be fair I'll say 2 packs of Charmin costs $5.
    Rebate spending: $5.00 OOP
  • $5/$20 Madness: total $16.44 (from giftcard)
    $4.50 of this total was used on the Oral-B toothbrush that was free after RRs.
    Rebate spending: $11.94 (from my customer service giftcard)
  • My Glade obsession: total $5.58 + $4.53 = $10.11
    I bought some clearance photo stickers, but otherwise this was a rebate-only purchase.  Okay, I bought some toothpaste too, but they don't count because they were free after coupons.
    Rebate spending: $9.11 OOP
  • Double Dip for October/November: total $39.59
    I expect to get $3 from the November rebate, and $14 were spent on RR items (I got $22 in RRs back, so it was a profit in that field). 
    Rebate spending: $22.00 (from September ESR giftcard)
It is downright impossible to determine exactly how much I spent to get my $75 rebate, and the best that I can do is do some fine guessing work, but my total rebate spending comes out to around $48.  And since I used my $20 customer service giftcard and my September ESR giftcard, it wasn't even $48 OOP.  Again, this is a guess because I really don't feel like going through a whole month's of shopping, but the figure should be somewhere around there.  Add in the giftcard bonus, and I made at least $35 at Walgreens this month!

I think I can live with that...=P


Sydni said...

I bought the Nivea mens and the L'oreal advanced revitalift and submitted my reciepts on 10/25. I do not see the rebates showing up on my list yet. Do you think they will be credited? Is there something else I should do?

My Precious Pennies said...

Hrm...maybe you can try giving them a call? If you got the right products, there's really no reason why you're not going to get credited for them. But if all else false, you can always take them back to the store too =P

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