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Monday, October 27, 2008

CVS $5 Charity Challenge: 10/26 - 11/01

It's another week of CVSing!  It's a bit of a crazy week since I'm doing a mix of weekly ECB deals, monthly ECB deals, and Sunday/Monday only deals.  Sorry that this is going up so late that you probably won't be able to do the Sunday/Monday deals, but it's just been so super crazy here that I'm surprised I was able to put up transactions at all.

Anyway, there will be FIVE transactions this week.  Again, I do not recommend that you go into your CVS and carry out five back-to-back transactions since they might not like you too much afterwards, so please treat the scenarios as an educational tool to help you create your own deals to match the ECBs and coupons that you have on hand.

Transaction #1
Buy 1 Bic Comfort3 Advance Shavers (4ct): $4.99
Subtotal: $4.99
Use $2/1 Bic mfg (-$2.00)
Grand Total: $2.99
OOP so far: $2.99
ECBs returned: $4.00 (Bic)

Transaction #2

Buy 6 SoyJoy Bars ($1/1): $6.00
Subtotal: $6.00
Use 2 B2G1 SoyJoy mfg coupon (-$2.00)
Grand Total: $4.00 (use $4.00 Bic ECB)
OOP so far: $2.99
ECBs returned: $4.00 (SoyJoy)

Transaction #3
Buy 1 WellPatch Arthritis Relief Pads (3ct): $5.99
Subtotal: $5.99
Use $1/1 WellPatch mfg (-$1.00)
Grand Total: $4.99 (use $4.00 SoyJoy ECB)
OOP so far: $2.99 + $0.99 = $3.98
ECBs returned: $5.99 (WellPatch monthly October deal)

NOTE: The WellPatch deal has a limit of 5, so if you only have 1 coupon (like me), you could buy 4 more WellPatches in 4 different transactions, and still be able to continue with the plan.  Do I recommend it?  No, because your CVS probably won't let you make 10 transactions in a row.  Anyway, onwards we go!

Transaction #4
Buy 1 CVS Pharmacy Vitamin D-400 (100ct): $2.99
Buy 1 Crest Spinbrush Pro: $4.99
Buy 1 Advil PM Liqui-gels (8ct): $0.99
Buy 2 Nestle Fun Size (2/$3): $3.00 sunday/monday only deal!
Subtotal: $11.97
Use $2/1 Crest printable (-$2.00)
Use $2/1 Advil printable (-$2.00)
Use 2 $1/1 Nestle printable (-$2.00)
Grand Total: $5.97 (use $5.99 WellPatch ECB)
OOP so far: $3.98
ECBs returned: $2.99 (Vitamin monthly October deal) + $2.00 (Crest) = $4.99

Stop here if you don't have access to a second printer, or you feel like your head is about to explode, or if you feel that your CVS might take out a restraining order from you for doing so many transaction.  If none of the above conditions/fears apply to you, move along!

Transaction #5
Buy 1 Ayr Saline Spray (0.75 oz): $3.99
Buy 2 Nestle Fun Size (2/$3): $3.00
Subtotal: $6.99

Use 2 $1/1 Nestle printable (-$2.00)
Grand Total: $4.99 (Use $4.99 ECBs from transaction #4)
OOP so far: $3.98
ECBs returned: $3.00 (Ayr monthly October deal)

At this point, I'm going to stop.  You could keep going and spend your $3 left over ECBs on candy or advil since those are just sales and have no limit on them, but just don't overdo it to the point where your CVS wants to close for an "emergency" whenever you pull into the parking lot.  Here is your summary for this week:

Merchandise total: $35.94
OOP spent: $3.98
ECBs left over for next time: $3.00

Not too shabby at all!

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Hopefulone said...

Hey I love your commentary in between the deals. I also laughed at your ("Duct tape still life") thought. I think I'll have to hang out here more often!! Glad I stopped by.

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