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Monday, October 27, 2008

Spooky Savings!

Today's Spooky Savings is brought to you by Chloe, the Wickedly Spoiled Pink princess Witch of the castle Couch.  She would like to magically bring 3 savings treats to you in the hopes that you'll return the favor (but in the form of dog treats):
  • Get a $25 gift certificate from for just $2 with the code TREATS until Halloween (10/31).
  • Use this coupon at Best Buy's new instrument store to get 10% off.
  • Get your little pumpkin's picture taken at Walgreens on Halloween between 12 - 5pm for just 31 CENTS.
Chloe would like to send out a word of "Thanks" to Patricia at From Wags to Riches for spreading the word on the picture deal, and for looking for her never-appearing picture in the Halloween contest.  Chloe would also like to say that she likes your blog title, because "wagging a tail is the way to go".  In closing, Chloe would like you to know that you can show your appreciation by sending dog treats, or sending a letter to Petsmart requesting that they start accepting "puppy money" as a form of payment so she can go shopping for some treats herself.  Because y'know...I obviously STARVE the poor dog.

(Mommy postscript note - I tried to explain to Chloe what WAGS is a store...the store where her 5ft long pink loofa dog that she drags around the house and sleeps with every night came from...but she just didn't get it.)

1 comment:

Patricia @ From Wags to Riches said...

Now I know what to look for on the Wags website :)

At the moment the Contest/Vote is DOWN - they're being inundated with too many cute entries!!!

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