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Friday, October 17, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: $93!!

Today was an AWESOME Mailbox of Goodies. I received my Walgreens September EasySaver Rebate giftcard for $85.12. My rebates totaled $77.37, and while I would have loved to deposit a check in that mount, I decided to get a giftcard as an investment. The gift card bonus is 10%, and that's a LOT more than any other type of investment will yeild!

Besides the $7.75 bonus, this is a huge money maker for me since I double-dipped and took full advantage of the $/$$ coupons. Thanks to my budget, I know how much I spent at Walgreens in the month of September, but some of those transactions were RR stuff and other non-rebate items, so I'm not sure how much I spent on rebate

I also received my Just for Men mail-in rebate for $8. I bought it at CVS in the middle of September, and you can see that transaction here. I spent a total of $8.22 (used $7.99 ECBs & paid $0.47 OOP) but got back $8.99 in ECBs. Just the transaction itself with a small moneymaker, but now that I've received my rebate this is officially a money maker!

Walgreens apparently heard about my dissatisfaction with them today and their sliding position in the battle for my undying love, so they sent me this $3/1 formula coupon. Except the princess doesn't take formula! HA! But you do get brownie points for trying though, Walgreens. Okay, fine...I guess the $85 giftcard gets a bit of .

Okay, back on subject now. I received my Land O Lakes Holiday Classics recipe brochure. I can't wait to try some of their recipes, they seem absolutely delish. It also came with a $0.55/1 coupon, which will be a GREAT help because when hubby cooks he goes through 59 sticks of butter.

I saved my best non-money freebie for last (I them, but I justmore). Last week I won a set of notecards from Laura at VPG Printing over twitter. If you haven't done so already, you should really follow her on twitter so you can keep an eye out for all of her twitter-only specials and freebies! I love my set of notecards - thanks Laura!

If you're looking for your daily dose of freebies, I have an even better offering for you - a huge post of freebies, steals, deals, rebates, giveaways...and then some! Enjoy!

Don't forget to enter the Coupons for Troops giveaway that ends TODAY and the Macy's giveaway that ends 10/20!

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