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Friday, October 17, 2008

Walgreens: rebate central

Just as with my CVS trip, I had to go to two Walgreens to get everything on my list. But again, this wasn't an issue considering they were both on my way to other places. The first store was completely sold out of the Lysol twin packs, but the second store had some hidden away in a side panel. Even if I found everything at the first store I would have had to do two transactions anyway, because all the items that I bought are rebate items.

Zout is on a B1G1 sale at $3.99. I only had one $0.55/1 coupon, so my total came out to $3.76 with tax. It's still a money-maker, because I will be getting $3.99 back by mail-in rebate.

My second rebate purchase at Walgreens involve the Lysol twin-packs. They are on sale for $2.99 this week, and I had a B1G1 coupon, making my final total $3.44 with tax. After I take my daughter in for her 6-month well-baby check up in 2 weeks (OI MY BABY WILL BE 6 MONTHS OLD! WHERE DOES THE TIME FLY?!) I can send off the Lysol receipt and a doctor's bill/receipt to get $5 by mail-in rebate. Except we have possible problems.

The first problem is that we don't pay for doctor's visit. No co-pay, no drug charges, zip zilch nada. Obviously I don't get a bill or a receipt. The second problem is that the fine print says two different Lysol products. Does this mean 2 different types (sanitizing spray & household cleaner), 2 different products (sanitizing spray in scent A & scent B), or just 2 Lysol thingys (sanitizing spray & sanitizing spray)?

I've emailed Lysol with these questions, and am currently awaiting their response. Depending on what they say, these Lysol multi-packs might be going back to the store. It comes out to less than $1 for each bottle, but I've got enough sprays in this house and really don't need anymore. I will update as I find out more from Lysol.

There is a $5/$25 coupon out there good for today and tomorrow, but I'm not a single bit sorry that I went yesterday instead. I'm not too happy about the $5/$25 instead of the $5/$20 we've been getting, but either way, I have a hard time thinking of things to get up to $20, much less $25. I'm missing a few rebates items, particularly the disappearing/invisible end lot, but I would much rather wait until the end of the mouth for possible double dippage.

Walgreens, you're just not exciting anymore. Even if my rebate total is currently $44.46, and with my gift card bonus it'll be $48.91. You should be ashamed of yourself, Walgreens. $48.91 is nothing compared to last month's $85.11. Which, by the way, I have not received yet. You're losing in the battle against CVS for my undying love...although CVS aren't doing too great anyway. Get your act together, Walgreens, or I might have to shift my undying love to something like my baby, or my husband, or my dogs...! That can't possibly happen, so I command you to step up the deals, Walgreens!


Alexandra Hancock said...

Here, Here! I used to strictly shop at CVS and then I got into Walgreens, but I agree...the deals are slacking. Like whoa!

Miranda said...

Walgreens is the BEST place to buy cleaners and things like that. I love shopping there and coupon combining.. saves SO much money.

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