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Friday, October 17, 2008

FURminator: 50+% off on

Do you have a hairy shedding dog that's wrecking havoc on your life?  You need a FURminator - it is the most awesome brush known to mankind as far as I'm concerned.  We bought one last summer, and I absolutely love this thing.  And even better, Chloe loves it too so I don't have to fight WWIII just to brush her.  I'm still looking for a product that will deliver similar results during nail clipping time, but read my full review of the FURMinator here.

If you decide that you need one, or would like to get one as a Christmas present, is currently having a sale on the FURminator.  The small is $34.95 $18.28, the medium is $49.95 $22.05, and the large is $59.95 $29.30.  Orders over $25 qualifies for free shipping, or you can try out Amazon Prime for free two-day shipping.

This is a GREAT price and a prime opportunity to try it out if you've been interested!  Don't let it slip away!

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