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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies - Macy's giveaway

Technically, I only received 3 freebies today, but one of them was huge. Before I get to that, let me give the details on my Macy's giveaway. I am no longer a Macy's card holder, but I still receive Macy coupons. Today I got two 20% off any single day of shopping and two $15/$40 coupons. Both are for use with a Macy's Star Rewards Card, and are good through November 30th. As far as I can tell, they are not tied to my non-existent card, so anyone with a Macy's Star Rewards card can use them.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post with your favorite Mailbox of Goodies that you've received so far. If you're a subscriber, you can also get an extra entry by emailing me the secret subscriber code at the bottom of each post. This giveaway will end sometime on Monday 10/20. Please do not enter if you do not have a Macy's card or do not plan to get one - if you do want to get one though, these coupons are valid WITH the new Macy's account discounts. And since they're valid through November might want to save one for Black Friday shopping!

Okay, onwards to my Mailbox of Goodies. I received another issue of my free "Parenting" magazine. I really need to start cutting down on these free subscriptions - I barely have enough time to read them all. I also got my Walmart Jergens sample, and it also came with a trusty $1/1 coupon. My next freebie came courtesy of the US Government, which was piles and piles of informational booklets. I haven't had a chance to read them all in detail yet, but they all look like they are just stuffed with information.

I went through this list of free publications and ordered the ones that are of interest to us. Here's what I got:
  • Identity Theft and your SS #
  • Introduction to Mutual Funds
  • Taking Mystery out of Retirement
  • Facts on Savings & Investing
  • Savings Fitness
  • 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement
  • Questions about Investments
  • 51 Ways to Save Hundreds
  • Internet Fraud
  • ID Theft: What it's all about
  • Money tips for all ages
As you can tell, I am very interested in starting to save for our retirement. We're still young, but there's no time like NOW to get started. However, I'm not a big risk-taker, so stocks/mutual funds/any investment is a big nerve-wrecking subject with me. By educating myself on them though, I'm hoping to understand more and feel comfortable enough with getting a mutual fund started before the year is over.

Today is Wednesday, a.k.a Chloe Class day a.k.a "run around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done in time for class" day, and I am already running behind, so not a lot of freebies today:
Don't forget to enter the Coupons for Troops giveaway. It ends tomorrow Friday!  See?  I'm losing my mind.  I don't even know when my own giveaways end...!!


Patricia said...

Great giveaway! (I need a suit jacket for job interviews so a $15 coupon would be AWESOME!)

My favorite freebie so far is the FREE year long subscription to Fitness Magazine. It has inspired me to get fit and change my lifestyle (without completely sacrificing chocolate)!

I also love all the FREE laundry detergent samples. Perfect for taking on road trips :)

Deb said...

Great giveaway..thanks! I could use the coupon!

I'd have to say the free subscriptions are my favorite so far, but my basket overfloweth! I need to have a day to catch up on reading magazines.


Laurie said...

I actually came across this deal. I started to order a gift for my father on
I ended up going to the mall and buying it.
A week later they sent me an email with free shipping (I still had items in my cart). I deleted it. About two weeks later I got a $20 gift card.
I also received a $5 gift card when I signed up for their specials.

I just purchased another gift today and was able to use the gift card code (online or in stores) and a promotional %10 off.

The coupon code is SHOWCAST and does not have an expiration date.

Saving Money Works for Me said...

My favorite mailbox of goodies was when I received my walgreens rebate card, dove lotion, cookie, and I can't remember what else. I haven't gotten a huge mailbox of goodies yet because I don't have the time to dedicate to it yet! Awesome giveaway.

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