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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: P&G love!

Today I got a huge surprise in my mailbox...a copy of the October P&G brand saver mailed to me directly from P&G!  I have absolutely no idea how I was selected to receive a P&G Saver in my mailbox - I didn't sign up for anything special except their regular newsletters. I'm really interested to know if anyone else is getting some P&G loving or if they think I'm special in some way.

In other news, I received my Christina Aguilera Inspire fragrance sample. I rubbed it all over my favorite pink fluffy flower pen, so now every time I go to write something I get a nice whiff of perfume. The second free sample that I received are the anti-lick strips from NurturedPets. I had a blondie moment and thought that they were strips to apply to stuff to keep the dogs from licking furniture or something, but they're actually strips you put on the dog to keep them from licking themselves. My mutts don't need this, but my parent's dog needs it desperately. He licks and bites his paws to the point where they're now raw. I sent them my two sample strips, and I requested a sample to be sent to their house from Nurtured Pets too. I'll be sure to share if/how they work out.

I also got my $1.49 Lunchables rebate, and it's probably one of the fastest rebates that I've ever gotten. I sent it out Friday 9/19, so it took only a week to get back to me. Normally rebates take their sweet time, so this was a very nice change.

Some of you have been asking where I get my free magazine subscriptions, and I try to share any new ones that I come across in my incoming freebies list. However, I just keep receiving magazines that I have no idea how I got a subscription to. One of these would be the Successful Living magazine that I received today. It seems to be a new magazine though, so for a limited time you can get a free subscription here. The strangest thing though is I have never even been to the website before, but somehow I got myself a subscription. Oh well...can't complain too much about free stuff!

Here's some more freebies for your requesting pleasure this Saturday afternoon:
I'm so happy with my free P&G Saver that I don't feel too disappointed that the commissary didn't have any. Normally they hand them out starting at 1pm on Saturdays, but today all they had were the Coupon Connection booklets. It a mixed bag of manufacturer and commissary-only coupons, but the only thing that I'm remotely excited about is the $1.50/1 Pedigree good-bites (commisary-only) and the $5/1 Soleil 4-pack refill when you buy one Soleil System razor (mfg coupon). I hope that there's a sale at CVS or Walgreens before the end of the year to make the coupon worthwhile!

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Erica said...

I got the printed edition of P&G saver in my mailbox too! Yay!

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