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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My $0.64 Stocking Stuffer

It's getting close to Christmas, so now is a perfect time to start loading up on stocking stuffers!  I just got a stocking stuffer for my husband for $0.64, courtesy of Outback Steakhouse!

This weekend was our anniversary, and after I badgered my husband into telling me that I was going to the spa, I felt kind of bad since all I got him was a collage and a photo mug (that I got from Shutterfly for $2).  So I told him that we could go out to his favorite restaurant and he could get whatever he wanted on Saturday night.  He picked Outback and got their Bacon Wrapped Filet, which just so happens to be one of their Aussie Autumn Entrées.  Until November 18th, they're giving away a $10 Football Fanatics gift certificate with any Aussie Autumn Entrée & CocaCola product purchase.

Today, I used the $10 gift certificate to get a stocking stuffer for $0.64.  My husband is a Raiders fan, so I got a little 7" mascot wall hook.  It was $5.95, and shipping was $4.99.  The total was $10.94, but I used the coupon code FIVEOFFORDER to take $0.30.  After my $10 gift certificate was applied, I ended up paying $0.64 OOP for a nice little stocking stuffer.

It's not the best deal in the world, but if you're going to Outback anyway, it's a good way to get a nice little stocking stuffer for Christmas time.  They had over 3 pages of stuff under $10, so there's plenty of choices! 

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