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Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo mug for $2!

Since we're two time zones and a couple of states away from our family, I like to take full advantage of photo deals.  Especially when I can get a photo mug for $2 at Shutterfly.  The codes are good until midnight only, so act fast!
  • 69AUTUMN: get a $10 credit towards your purchase. 
  • 68AUTUMN: free shipping!
  • VS09-VISA: get 15% off (good until 10/30/08)
  • WINNER09: get 20% off if your order is above $30 - useful if you're eying a more expensive photo gift (good until 9/30/08)
  • If you're a first-timer, you can get 50 prints and a 11x14 Collage poster for free as well.
I used the first 3 codes to get 50 prints, a 11x14 Collage poster, and a photo mug shipped to my house for $2.  Our anniversary is October 5th, so the collage and mug will be a present to my husband.  The man inhales coffee and will never be seen without a coffee mug in hand in the mornings.  He's been complaining about how he has no pictures of his girls, so now he can't complain since he'll have a mug with us on it!  And for good measure I included the Chloe dog too, so now he has a picture with literally all of his girls.  Sorry for excluding you Chip.  Maybe I'll stick your face on the other side of the mug when it gets here.  Or I'll just throw you a tennis ball instead when I finish this post as a peace offering. 

Anyway, if you don't need a mug or fancy some other type of photo gift, you can lower your OOP cost.  They have 5x7 photobooks for $9.99, and a bunch of other photo gifts for under $10 like magnets or note cards.  And of course, you can always just get good old prints.  Remember, it's never too early to start Christmas shopping, and literally anything with a grandchild's face on it is a guaranteed hit!

Thanks to Carrie for the heads up!

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