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Friday, September 19, 2008

It's one of those days...

I'm not having a good day.  It started out with my paper not being delivered, rude customer service techs and being hung up on, and I should have just known it was going to get worse.  I was sitting around enjoying the peace that is nap-time for baby and therefore puppies, when my screen door opened and I see someone just outside our door...but he doesn't knock or anything.  He just pauses for a minute and then closes it again and leaves.  This is weird.  Sometimes UPS or Fedex does this, but they knock. 

So I grab my guard dog-in-training and cautiously open the door.  Granted, this is at 4 PM on a sunny afternoon, and Chloe wouldn't have done anything except go "WOOF" with her tag wagging at lightning speeds, but I figured a boxer who looks like a rotti barking at my side is better than nothing at all.  You can never be too careful.  But instead all I find is a pink note taped on my door.

It was a 5 day legal notice to pay rent.  To pay the rent that should be automatically taken out of my husband's paycheck by allotment every month.  Of course they deliver it at 4pm, an HOUR before the working day ends.  Thankfully I was home and checked the door.  I call the housing office immediately, because we signed the paperwork that allows them to take the money by allotment, and all they can tell me is that it wasn't done and now my rent is due in 5 days or else.

Jeez.  Sorry, but honestly is that really our fault?  We signed your piece of paper letting you take the's your fault if your office can't get its act together.  The rent they were asking for was due August 5th, and they said they sent out letters August 6th...which we never received.  They gave us no notice whatsoever except for a pink note taped to my door an hour before the working day ends. 

Thankfully I had just enough money in the checking account to cut them out a check today.  And I had to call my husband home early to take it to them.  He answered his phone on my 5th try at 4:30pm because I was about to give up on his cell phone and just call the base and make them find and send him home on the double.  It's supposed to be for emergencies only, but hey...being nearly EVICTED counts as an emergency in my book.  Either way, it's a good thing I didn't have to call, because I really hate dealing with those robots people.

This is one of those days when I wish the military didn't exist, or at least that they didn't treat their own like 2-day old dog doody.  I am so tired of doing everything that we're supposed to but end up having to suffer for someone else's mistakes.  Whoever didn't file the paperwork and dropped the ball won't have consequences going their way.  Whoever didn't send us that letter a month ago letting us know the allotment didn't work won't be held responsible.  Because guess who is responsible?  Me. Little old me that barely has time to take a shower and eat in the mornings.  I've gotten used to doing 10 things at once, but I'm not that talented to the point where I can predict the future and know who's doing their anonymous job and who's not.

I'm not having a good day.  I'm going to Starbucks...

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