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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sanity Saving Saturday: morning web "chores"

Everyday, there are certain "chores" that I like to do online.  Things like checking my email, replying to comments, entering sweeps, maintaining my blog, checking other blogs...etc. It can get a bit daunting and can take up quite a bit of time in the morning.  However, with some practice I've managed to get it down to a mere 15 minutes while the dogs are outside.  And it's a strict time limit mind you...because if I don't let them in after 15 minutes they start barking, then whining, then full-on howling. 

Anyway, I start off by checking my mailbox.  I have three email accounts, and on any given morning I can have over 75+ emails.  This does not count the ones that trickle in during the day. Around half of these are from the freecycle and similar groups that I'm a part of.  I go down and automatically delete anything that doesn't require my attention or is obviously ads/spam.  My rule for thumb is that the email is gong to take more than a minute to deal with, then I'll save them for later. 

Next comes the 38 blogs that I subscribe to.  Yes.  38.  And yes, I do read each and every single one of them.  Just not during my 15 minute day-starter period.  I'll go through and browse each new post, and the ones that catch my immediate attention or need further attention I'll "star" in Thunderbird, and then just mark the rest as "read".  During the day, I'll go back and read the posts in details, but I just don't have the time to read them in the morning.

By now Chloe and Chip Chiploe is starting to get restless and I'm starting to hear small whines.  I only have 5 minutes left...and with those 5 minutes I run down my sweeps list and catch them all!  I use two tabs, and with speed-dial I have just enough time to enter them all.  Some sweeps use flash or are otherwise "slow", so while they're loading them I play another sweeps in the next tab. 

If I did everything right, I have about a minute before Chiploe starts howling like the wild dogs that they're not.  And with this last minute I scribble down on a piece of scrap paper what I need to do for the day - what kind of posts I should scribble up, what bill-related issues I have to deal with, what I need to clean...etc.  I then post this note in front of my desk and is my guide for the rest of the day.

I repeat the whole process (minus the sweeps) if I happen to leave the house for a couple of hours.  What I've learned is that sometimes you have to dive right into the middle of it all.  I used to say "Eeek!  75 emails?  That's a LOT...I'll check it later".  But procrastinating won't get anything done, unfortunately, and if anything it'll just increase my workload.  So the trick is to just tackle it and do something to it, even if it's marking it for further attention later. 

It takes a little bit of discipline and planning, but it is possible to get through a pile of email and blogs in 15 minutes...!

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Thrifty and chic mom said...

Thanks for participating in Sat. Sanity Savers, I like your approach!

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