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Friday, October 10, 2008

Eep! I'm it!

I've been tagged by Ginger from Attention Target Shoppers AND by Tara at Mama Koala! I'm being picked on loved! But that's okay, because thankfully this game of tag doesn't require me to get off my behind and actually run after anyone. All I have to do is to share 7 facts about myself and tag 7 other blogs. Before I get started, let me say that I love Ginger and all that she does for to spread the word on a good deal at Target. Have you seen her Sunday ad/coupon match-up? That thing is ridiculously amazing! Some of you might think that it is rather strange for me to be such a huge fan of a Target-deal blog, since I bid Target a swift "Au Revoir" recently, but let me remind you that this is a TEMPORARY separation. I love Target as much as the next person, it's just unfortunate that the individual stores in my area do not return my affections.

Anyway, onto my 7 random/weird facts:
  1. I'm a classically trained pianist (for 15 years). I've studied in three different countries and was taught by 4 women of different nationalities. My favorite teacher was a Russian lady who moved to the US, but was some nationally known pianist in Russia. Strict, weird, and a smoker...but I loved her.
  2. My favorite color is polka dot. Hey...quit laughing. Polka dot is a color.
  3. I used to be a competitive figure skater. Until I tore a ligament in my knee. Not fun. Don't try it at home kids (the tearing part, not the skating part).
  4. I want a Saint Bernard so bad that it hurts. If housing here didn't have a 2 dog limit, I would go out and spend $500 getting a Saint Bernard pup from a reputable breeder TOMORROW.
  5. I was a philosophy major in college, and my favorite fields of philosophy are ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics. Oh, and philosophy of religion too. And logic. I philosophy.
  6. I gained 60lbs during my pregnancy, had a 6lb 12oz baby, but walked out of the hospital at my pre-pregnancy weight. I still haven't figured out where the other 53lbs went. And no, I didn't get liposuction on my way out.
  7. I'm obsessed with the working dogs and want to be the handler of one, even though I know when s/he is not working s/he will drive me absolutely nuts. Once we stay put somewhere long enough, I plan to have a wilderness search & rescue dog.
Okay, you now know more about me than you ever wanted to know. Please stick around, dear reader. I love you dearly and I promise I'll stop being weird. Really, I will! I'll try, at least. I'm sorry for scaring you, but while you're running as fast as you can in the opposite direction, can you at least stop by these blogs that I'm tagging?
Have fun...and oh yea...


Sorry, but I had to say that somewhere in the post. Just HAD to.


1stopmom said...

Thanks for tagging me :)

Marcia said...

OKAY then..I'll do it tomorrow with my menu plan :)

Are you SURE you want to know even more of my weirdness???

I think your passion for dogs is really cool and hopefully you'll get to live your dreams SOON!

Marcia from Organising Queen

Jackie B. said...

I love to read blogs but I am not a blogger for a good reason.The thoughts do not flow out of my brain like most writers. I have a hard time coming up with topics of thought. That is why I am gonna pass on this list of seven. I could be here all day trying to think of things. One thing I will disclose is I live in a house with 11 dogs. That is one reason it is hard for me to concentrate when I try to write.

My Precious Pennies said...

OH MY! 11 DOGS?! I would go nuts. My two drive me up the wall sometime when they decide to play on the stairs. That, and I don't think mankind ever made a big enough bed for 11 dogs...

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed

reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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