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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Au Revoir Target!

UPDATE: I am so surprised that some of you have commented saying that you have the same experience.  This was the one post that I was sure was going to get a negative response - it's surprising (although not completely unexpected) that Target has slipped so much nationwide.  I wish that wasn't a case because I really enjoyed Target, but I guess misery loves company!

I used to love shopping at Target. It was more than a mere "convenience" store - there were times that I entered Target just to browse because I loved their prices and their products. But all good things must come to an end. I have decided not to shop at Target. It's time to bid "Adieu" to Target.

This is not a harsh and abrupt decision. I do not exclude major retailers because I'm well aware of the fact that my experience can change drastically from store-to-store. I'm sure that a lot of you love your local Target, and I'm not trying to persuade anyone to boycott Target or something - they are a great company, but the stores just aren't too great in my area. I just want to share with you why I'm personally not going to do business with Target again until we move. I'm willing to give different stores a try, but I've been to 4 stores in our local area and it's been pretty much the same story. Allow me to share.

My dog's doody smells better than their Return Policy
I received a blue bumbo off my Target registry. My baby shower was held in California, and at the time we lived in South Carolina. Bumbos are not tiny things - they come in the most awkward shaped box imaginable. I wasn't even going to try and fit it in my suitcase. The gift-er didn't include a gift receipt, but we were positive that it came from Target considering it was marked off on the registry. I wanted to get store credit for it so I can just buy it again when I got home, but even though it was on my registry and all I wanted was store credit, they couldn't do it because it cost over $20. My mother-in-law ended up having to ship it to me - shipping cost as much as the damn thing. But...we love grandma for doing that, we do love the Bumbo, we just don't like Target.

Oh, and I'm not a fan of that 3 no-receipt returns a year thing. It's not a big deal when their receipt-lookup worked, but the past 3 returns that I tried to use their receipt-lookup, they couldn't find the item on the card. So I went home and dug through my piles of receipts and went back to the store...the receipt clearly showed which card I used to make the purchase, but for some reason their system still can't find the item on the card. I really liked their receipt-lookup thing too - on many occasions that's been the deciding factor in which store to visit. I liked knowing that I could make a return with just my credit card and won't have to deal with the receipts. Well, if I have to dig through all my receipts anyway, I'll just go to Walmart. They're cheaper anyway.

Quality value merchandise NO MORE!
Target used to be the place to go for quality value merchandise. And then they started raising their prices. That wouldn't be a problem if they kept the quality to go with it, but lately the products that I've been getting from Target all had flaws. I bought a glider and ottoman, and in under 3 weeks the ottoman snapped in half. I didn't stand on it, sit on it, and I certainly don't have elephant feet. I think the heaviest object I placed on it was my laptop.

Last week we bought two Halloween costumes for the little Princess. I had grabbed a penguin and a duck from clearance after last Halloween while I was pregnant, but they were too big for her so we wanted something that she could wear now. Last year their costumes all had zippers. This year they decided to use snaps instead. Those snaps do not stay on! They're almost completely hidden by all the surrounding fuzz so it takes about 5 minutes to snap them properly in the first place, and then all my daughter has to do is wiggle and they become unsnapped. And this was at home before naptime - I can't imagine actually going into public with her wearing one of those things...she'd be naked before we even reached the first house!

Couponing is NOT Stealing
I am getting so tired of walking into my Target with manufacturer's coupons, and having the cashiers and their managers treat me like I'm a thief. They're not even printables...they're manufacturer's coupons cut out from the same Sunday newspaper that they get! With all four stores in my area, I have heard just about every excuse to prevent coupon usage. One cashier said it was one coupon per transaction, because the coupon said "Limit one coupon per purchase". Another cashier said I couldn't use a manufacturer's coupon and a Target coupon together...even after I showed her the emailed coupon policy that I received from corporate. And I can't forget the cashier who said that my coupon won't work because my item didn't match the picture (the coupon was for ANY product ANY size).

I'm not an idiot - I know what I'm doing, and I know what their coupon policy is. I play by the rules of the game. All I ask is that they do so as well. So on Tuesday night when a cashier said I can only use one coupon for my ENTIRE purchase because the coupon said "limit one coupon per qualifying item(s) purchased", I called Target Corporate from my cell phone while I was in the store. It took 10 minutes on the phone for them to resolve the issue, which basically came down to the corporate rep telling me that I can use the coupon, and then putting me on hold so she can call the store manager.

The sad thing though is I can call and email corporate all I want, but nothing changes in the stores. I've sent emails and called, and every time a very nice and apologetic representative gets back to me...but the next time I go into the store it's the same story.

I just want to be able to use my valid coupons on quality merchandise without having to keep corporate on that so much so ask?! For these Targets, I guess it is.

So until next time, Target.


Saph @ Walk With Me said...

Wow, I can't believe it. I don't shop that often at my Target and have been wanting to take advantage of some of their food bargains. Maybe it is better that I have a walmart near me instead of a target.

I made a similar post about JCPenney and their stinkin return policy. I am now stuck with a watch I don't care for that hubby got me for my bday.

cynthiagilbert said...

I agree! I used to love shopping at Target, back in my credit card abusing days. Then I stopped shopping everywhere to try and make it work on one income. Once I started couponing and saw how far I could stretch our dollars, it just didn't seem worth it to drive over to Target for the frustration and humiliation. Walmart at least has a publicly published coupon policy so I don't have to waste time with a phone call - just show them my print-out from their website.

The Kilgore Corral said...

AMEN!! All the things you discussed are regular topics of conversation among my couponing friends! I couldn't believe how poorly they treated me the last time I tried to use legitimate coupons--especially when getting free items. I completely agree with your statement, "I AM NOT A THIEF!" We have also written letters to corporate about their return policies...especially when you have a wedding or baby registry with them, but to no avail! Such a shame!

Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

I do still enjoy shopping at Target, but definitely agree with you on the stinky return policy. Definitely NOT a good thing, especially when you REGISTER there and it is clear that the items come from their store. A headache for a new mom, for sure.

Robyn said...

I had an embarrassing experience with using coupons as well. The clerk very loudly told me that I couldn't use my coupons towards travel size items, even though that's exactly what the CouponMom website said to do. It was like Terms of Endearment! I called the store mgr and she assured me it wouldn't happen again but I don't want to risk it so I don't do coupons.
I used to go about once a week, now only once a month, and only for the absolute necessities.

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