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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello! I am...

Since this is mainly a deal-seeking penny-saving bargain-hunting blog, I don't share a lot about myself.  I've shared little tidbits about my life here and there, but that's been it.  However, I my readers, and I want you to me too.  But in order for you to me, you would have to know me.  So I'm starting this new thing that will tell you a bit more an aspect of me or my life.  It is my hope that you can get to know me better and maybe something I have to say will help you out in your own life.

When I decided to start a blog, I wanted to make sure that I develop my own style and my own purpose. I didn't want to be a glorified copy-cat and just post deal after deal without any personality, but at the same time I didn't want to compromise the safety of my family.  Which brings me to my "confession" of the week - I'm a paranoid freak.

I'm not a trusting person.  I lock my doors and windows.  I lock my car in my locked garage.  I lock my doors when I'm in my car going 60mph on the freeway.  I don't like to mingle overly with our neighbors.  I carry pepper spray.  I use a messenger-style purse.  I'm training my dog to be a guard dog and "woof" ferociously on command, and maybe even attack on command.  And as you've probably noticed, there is no mention of a name or a picture of me or my family anywhere on my blog. 

It's not like I had a traumatic experience or was raised in a bad neighborhood or anything - I'm just not a very trusting person.  It's just not in my nature.  My theory has always been better safe than sorry.  A lot of other bloggers share first names and even last names.  They proudly post pictures of their kids, themselves, or their families.  The most that I'm comfortable with doing is using a screen-name and posting pictures of the dogs, and even that was a leap of faith.

Please don't be offended - I'm not accusing you of planning to kidnap the dog.  I'm just as proud of my family as the next person, and I am seriously hard-pressed on certain days not to share the cuteness that is my daughter.  She is a BEAUTIFUL baby, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom.  I think nearly every single stranger we've met have said that.  But we've all heard horror stories about online predators.  Anyone has access to this blog, and in a way, by blogging I am living in a public eye and subjecting myself to unknown attentions.  I can't exactly control who reads my blog, but I can control what information I disclose.  Again, I would rather be safe than sorry

I've dabbled with the idea of creating a fake name and using that.  Sarah sounds good.  Or Mary-Ann.  Or maybe Jill.  Or Dottie.  But I wasn't comfortable with deceiving my readers and possible friends.  I would rather have go by a screen-name and leave you all wondering what my real name is, than to lie to you and let you go living your life thinking you're talking to a Christina who isn't really a Christina at all. 

There's no other way to say it...I'm a paranoid freak.  I hope you understand and won't hate me for it.  I still you, dearly beloved reader!  While I understand that Chloe is adorable, please don't dog-nap her.  I'll have to kill you.  But I'll still you for being a reader!  A dead reader, but a reader nonetheless.


Karen said...

I completely understand what you are saying! While I'm not as paranoid as you, I do always have my doors locked and windows that are on the lower level. My husband laughs at me because I have the window stoppers on the kids windows, just in case someone 'could' open them from the outside, they'd never fit in the space! Also, when I open my front door, I looked the storm (glass) door and again, my dh laughs at me cuz he said if someone wanted to get in they could break the glass. I suppose so, but I feel safer knowing someone can't just walk in. Safety is good, especially when you have a family to protect. :) Thanks for sharing!

Jackie B. said...

Nice post. I too am not such a trusting person but am not all that paranoid. I do not mind disclosing things over the internet such as my name or city of residence. I just don't think I am so interesting as to be stalked! I would love for you to share more of your personal life with us readers. It is fine if you do not share your name, pics, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable with. We look forward to getting to know you better. I promise I will share stories with you too if they are relevent.

Nancy said...

What made you change your mind about posting pictures of yourself, huband and kiddo and the dogs?

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