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Friday, September 19, 2008

Walgreens: oh how I hate some clerks...

My Walgreens trip this week left much to be desired.  I had the joy of dealing with one of those clerks.  You know what I'm talking about...the clerks who think you're stealing just because you're smart enough to put 2 and 2 together and use coupons on sales.  It's a sad day when deal-seekers know more about store policies than the employees themselves. 

Anyway, it's not a big deal though, because I've already spoken with the store manager who will be mailing me my RR.  I've also contacted corporate about the situation, but am waiting to hear back from them.  Either way, I won't be visiting that Walgreens again.  It's a Walgreens that I don't normally go to anyway, but it was on the way to Chloe's class and I persuaded my husband to stop by afterwards so I can go in while he stayed in the car with the baby and the other baby dog.  If I had known that it was going to be such a huge mess, I would have just sucked it up and went another day with the baby in tow. 

Transaction #1
Buy 1 Visine: $4.79
Buy 1 Colgate MaxFresh 6oz: $2.99
Buy 2 Bic Comfort 3 Advanced ($4.99 each): $9.98
Buy 2 Nestle semi-sweet morsels ($3.29 each): $6.58
Subtotal: $24.34
Use $2/1 Visine Walgreens EasySaver pg. 19 coupon (-$2.00)
Use $2/1 Colgate in-ad coupon (-$2.00)
Use 2 $1/1 Bic Walgreens EasySaver pg. 14 coupon (-$2.00)
Use Walgreens in-ad coupon to make morsels $1.99 each (-$2.60)
Use $3/1 Visine coupon from All You (-$3.00)
Use $1/1 Colgate MaxFresh coupon (-$1.00)
Use 2 $1/1 Bic coupon (-$2.00)
Use 2 $1.50/1 Nestle printable (-$3.00)
Grand Total: $6.74 + $0.91 tax = $7.65

I forgot to throw in a pack of gum so that I could use my $5 RR from the Robitussin deal, and the little witch wouldn't let me add it in!  Said that once she pressed the total button, she couldn't go back...which is a complete lie.  So I ended up paying $7.65 OOP for this transaction, which still isn't that bad considering I still managed to save $16.69.  This does create a problem though, because I'm still stuck with $30 in RR that I need to spend next week before they expire. 

Transaction #2
Buy 1 Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Shampoo 12.6oz: $4.00
Buy 1 Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Condition 12.6oz: $4.00
Buy 1 Pantene Pro-V styling product: $4.00 (exclude Restoratives/Expressions)
Subtotal: $12.00
Use 1 FREE Panthene styling product with purchase of Pantene shampoo/conditioner (-$4.00)
Use 1 $1/2 Pantene product coupon (-$1.00)
Grand Total/OOP expense: $7.00 + $0.84 tax = $7.84
Get back $2 RR by mail (grr!) and $5 from EasySaver Rebate (#11)

This is the transaction where the same witch refused to let me have my $2 in RR because, according to her, RRs don't print if you use coupons.  I got the store manager's card from her, and called him the very next morning.  He said he will be mailing me my $2 in RR.  I also emailed corporate when I got home that night, but I still haven't heard back from them. 

I mainly emailed corporate because I want a hard copy of their coupon policies when I go to the store.  I don't have the time or energy to be putting up with this kind of nonsense.   I keep a copy of coupon policies in my little accordian folder that I take into the stores with me.  So far I have one for Walmart, Target, and CVS.  Hopefully I will have one for Walgreens soon, and I'm starting to think I need the commissary one too because it's only a matter of time before an issue comes up. 

I think I'm going to go back to the Walgreens who paid me from now on.  Not because they paid me, but because they're always so quick and considerate with their customer service.  This is the same store where a clerk spent 30 minutes looking in the back for a LypSyl for me.  It's not the closest one to me, but it's only a block down from my favorite CVS and a total of 5 miles from my house.  The closet Walgreens is 3 miles, but it's next to nothing useful and I never go there anyway.  One of the downsides of moving around is that you lose your favorite stores and have to take time finding them again.  I now have a "favorite" Walgreens, Target, CVS, and Walmart that I go to, and this latest experience has taught me to stick with those favorites until we have to move again!

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Cheri said...

When I emailed corporate last week about not receiving RR for the Robitussin they just contacted the store manager to call me. And then i had to mail in for my RR, which will take 6-8 weeks. The staff at the store weren't at all helpful - they were like "oh, well, sometimes they just don't print out".

Walgreens - not my favorite place to shop.

Oh - and I checked the commissary this week. Tollhouse morsels are only 1.99 without the Walgreens hassle!

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