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Sunday, September 21, 2008

CVS trip: $0.09 per diaper!

This is only a picture of my 3rd transaction, because today's CVS trip has got the be the most complicated that I've ever done. It's alright though, because my savings were ridiculous. My three transactions went according to plan...sorta. If you count out the fact that I went to two different stores and basically paid for a product but didn't get it. Let me explain.

There is one CVS that I go to all the time, simply because it's in a great part of town with a very friendly staff, and they have a "customers with infants" parking spot. I love that CVS. Except for the fact that they didn't have any of the Loreal Revitalift, or a mega pack of Huggies diapers in size 1. I was only able to do my first transaction at this store:

Transaction #1
Buy 1 Adidas Deodorant: $4.99
Buy 1 VO5: $0.65
Buy 1 Nivea for Men: $4.99
Subtotal: $10.63
Use $2/$10 CVS coupon (-$2.00)
Use $1/1 Adidas coupon (-$1.00)
Grand Total: $7.63 (use $4.00 + $3.00 ECB)
OOP expense: $0.63 + $0.16 tax = $0.76
ECBs returned: $4.00 (Adidas) + $4.99 (Nivea) = $8.99

Everything in this transaction went exactly as planned. I was feeling really under the weather, so we headed home after getting our $12 back from Toys r Us and I zonked out on the couch with some cold meds. I woke up at around 6pm and decided that the last two transactions were just too good to pass up, so I made a trip out to the other CVS in town. I really don't like this CVS, just because it's in such a bad part of town. It's closer to us, but I feel like I should be walking in with a dagger strapped to my arm or something for my own safety.

They didn't have the Revitalift either, so I asked them the same question that I asked the other CVS: "Do you guys do rainchecks?". I was really expecting them to say no, but what harm can come from just asking? Well, to my surprise, they came up with a creative way for me to get a raincheck and my ECBs - basically pay for the item now, and come back with the receipt for the product when get it in stock again. for me.

Transaction #2
Buy 1 L'Oreal Advanced RevitaLife: $11.99
Subtotal: $11.99
Use $2/$10 CVS coupon (-$2.00)
Use $1/1 L'Oreal coupon (-$1.00)
Grand Total: $8.99 + $0.08 tax(use $3.00 + $5.99 ECB)
OOP expense: $0.08
ECBs returned: $11.99 (L'Oreal)

I was even able to use my $1/1 coupon to turn this into a moneymaker. But I got my ECBs and were able to use them in my next transaction:

Transaction #3
Buy 2 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste ($2.99 each): $5.98
Buy 1 Huggies mega pack (size 1, 84ct): $15.00
Buy 1 Huggies wipes (80ct.): $2.99
Buy 1 Cottonelle (12pk): $6.49
Buy 1 Kleenex (120ct): $1.00
Buy 1 magnetic clothespin (filler item): $0.25
Subtotal: $31.71
Use $5/$30 CVS email coupon (-$5.00)
Use 2 $0.75/1 Crest coupon (-$1.50)
Use $1.50/1 Huggies diapers (-$1.50)
Use $0.75/1 Huggies wipes (-$0.75)
Use $1/1 Cottonelle printable (-$1.00) you have to create a pledge to receive your $1/1 printable
Grand Total: $21.96 (use $11.99 L'Oreal + $3.99 + $4.00 ECB)
OOP expense: $1.98 + 0.54 tax
ECBs returned: $10.00 (Huggies/Cottonelle) + $4.00 (Crest) = $14.00

I wanted to use a $2 ECB, but they wouldn't adjust it down for me so I had to pay $1.98 + tax OOP instead of just tax, but it's not that big of a deal. In retrospect, I should have gotten a bigger filler item, or told them to take off the filler item, but I like those magnetic clothespin anyway.

When I was pulling up my plan yesterday, I shared how I broke the $10 ECB down so it spreads equally. Well, I made a couple mistakes since I got the diaper & wipes count wrong and I wasn't planning on using a $1/1 on the Cottonelle. Here is the correct breakdown:

Click on the image to get a bigger picture, but it comes out to $0.09 per diaper, $0.01 per wipe, and $0.24 per roll of toilet paper.

Today was definately the most complicated and unusual CVS trip to date, but I can't complain too much about spending $3.36 OOP and getting $54.08 worth of stuff. $0.09 per diaper definitely works for me...!

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Lauren said...

I couldn't find the $2/$10 on page 30. Am I missing something? Thanks!

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