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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Inbox Dollars

UPDATE: I decided to take a small risk and try out one of their "free trial" offers. I signed up for the Triple Advantage Credit Report, and got $10 for my trouble. I will need to cancel this within 9 days, but I'll make the call to cancel on Monday, giving myself plenty of room. This is where the handy-dandy ReminderFox comes into play. I'll keep you posted on how the process to cancel is and whether or not it's worth $10.

Today I signed myself up for an Inbox Dollars account. It's a little experiment that I'm doing to see how quickly I can reach the $30 mark to receive a check. My goal is to try and reach $30 by next month...that means I have to do enough to earn an average of $1 a day. I'll also be keeping track of how long it takes each day for me to get that dollar, because if it's not too huge of a time commitment, an extra $30 a month will go a long way in this family.

So far, I am at $7.62 - I have my current Inbox Dollars amount over to the right above my "Incoming Freebies" list. $5 of that $7.62 is the signup bonus, but then it means I made $2.62 in just 30 minutes. I'm assuming that it gets harder as you go, simply because you've already done a whole bunch of offers, but we'll see. I'm hoping that this can be something I can do with one hand while I'm nursing my daughter.

Come back everyday and follow me in my Inbox Dollars adventure. Or better yet, join Inbox Dollars yourself and join me in my quest for some extra spending cash!

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