My Precious Pennies

I will be AWAY until late February as we do this moving thing...again.

Ginger from Attention Target Shoppers & Tricia from 1stopmom
will be holding down the fort in the meantime - thank you so much, ladies!

Thursday, August 14, 2008 Promotion Code

Borders sent me a promotion code (SL5016) that's good for 20% any list price of one item. It's only good through Sunday (8/17) so act quickly! Shipping is free if you choose to pick up from a local store.

It might also be worth your trouble to sign up with Borders Rewards. I don't shop at Borders much, but I signed up for some reason or another in the past. The rewards club comes with discounts at major retailers, including Target. I've used their 10% discount in conjunction with Target's 10% to save 20% off my daughter's crib.

Check it out, it might be worth your while.

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