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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Declutter Day 22: My daughter's clothes

This is going to be a quick-y post, because we spent $375 at Ikea last night and need to build our desk, chair, and entertainment center, but yesterday I decluttered my daughter's clothes. She had bins for house onesies, dressy onesies, bottoms, and PJs, but ever since we moved, we've just been tossing clothes into a random bin. Well, every-time she needed an outfit change, it took forever for us to find what we were looking for.

This was another case of how taking 5 minutes to organize something can save you hours over time. Anyway, I will share pictures as soon as things calm down a bit, but we need to build all of our stuff from Ikea and then go get our new 42" TV!!!

Here are the links from the rest of my decluttering wasn't a bad week, but it will soon get better because I FINALLY get to properly declutter my desk since I now have a desk! Just wait till you see the gorgeous desk that I got for a mere $125.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You've had a productive week - WTG!

I liked the idea of the collapsible boxes for your car. That is something I could also use.

Thanks for the motivational tour of your week of de-cluttering.

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