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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Declutter Challenge Day 19: Photo Albums

Yesterday I decluttered my scrapbooking items, and in the process I found a lot of loose pictures and keepsakes that should really be properly put away in either a scrapbook or a photo album. I also had a lot of supplies that I bought specifically for a certain project, but just never got around to doing it. As I'm decluttering around our home, I'm starting to find more and more items left over from projects that I began but never finished. It's not entirely my fault since we moved and the little princess needs constant entertaining during the day, but this newly formed bad habit of mine has got to change. So today I sat down and finished three scrapbooking/photo album projects that I've been meaning to do for the past 3 months.

As I mentioned yesterday, I actually don't like to scrapbook because I'm too much of a perfectionist and it takes too long. However, I love the way a scrapbook looks, and thankfully Target sells a great scrapbook-photo album hybrid. Each page is printed with decorations and room for notes, but it follows the traditional photo album with flip covers for the pictures. It comes in a 4 x 7 size, and I put all of my daughter's pictures in it and added little notes on the pages, such as which hospital she was born in and who came to visit her.

The other two are actually binders that I also bought from Target. The lighter white and pink binder is for my baby shower and the baby welcome cards, and the brown and pink binder is for all of my 5 x 7 pictures. For the baby shower/welcome binder, I used the old school sticky photo pages so if I wanted to I could pull the card out and read it again. There were advice cards at my baby shower, so I took some time to match up the advice card to the same shower card...they served a double purpose of letting me know who sent that card. I used a couple of 4 x 7 picture inserts to put pictures of the baby shower in there, since I actually despise the sticky photo pages, but it's just the best solution to the problem that I had. I also included extra copies of our shower games, guest list, and gift list in there, protected by sheet protectors. In the second half of the binder I did the same thing with all of the baby welcome cards, and I used pretty paper scraps to write down who sent the card, since I didn't have any advice cards in this section to indicate the sender.

The second binder was simple compared to the first. I have a lot of 5 x 7s, and most albums come in 4 x 7 size. I like to order 5 x 7s because I like to frame them, but a lot of times I have leftovers that are just loose pictures because they don't fit anywhere. Well, I got more inserts from Target in the 5 x 7 size and just put all of my loose pictures in there.

I've had all of these supplies for a long while, but I just kept procrastinating and never put it together. Well, all of that stuff separated lead to a lot of unnecessary clutter. Just think about it - 2 binders, a photo albums, a thick stack of inserts, a stack of cards, and a whole bunch of loose pictures.

Unfinished projects = lots of clutter!!

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