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Monday, August 18, 2008

Minimizing Monday: Magazines

I had previously tackled my magazine clutter as part of the declutter challenge, but I thought I'd just share a quick recap of what I do with all of my magazines. When a magazine arrives, it sits in a pile on our side table in the living room for a bit. At the end of every month or so, I go through the pile in the living room and rip out the articles that I want to keep. I have a binder for general articles (mostly from baby magazines), and another for recipes. The general binder has dividers for different types of articles, and for the recipe binder I put the sheets in page protectors so they won't be damaged when I cook in front of them. There really is no organization in the recipe binder since sometimes you'll find desserts and dinners printed on the same page, but I've found that it doesn't really matter because I end up browsing through the whole thing anyway when I pull up our menu plan.

After I go through the magazines and rip out what I want, the magazine goes into one of our two bathrooms. I have a basket that they go into, and once the basket gets full, I empty a few out of it before I add in new ones. I know that I can just throw it out after I tear through it, but we've found that this works for us because it offers some reading material in the bathrooms and is a good decor item.

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Kama said...

I've got a ton of magazines to go through before we move next week. Then I plan to donate them to my brother who is a teacher. He uses them all the time with his students to do projects.

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