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Friday, August 22, 2008

Declutter Challenge Day 21: My car

No no no...I didn't forget to declutter yesterday. It's just that I decluttered the car, and then my husband took it and I couldn't take pictures.

A while back, I had bought some adorable collapsible storage boxes from the Dollar Tree. They are perfect to use in the car. They are PERFECT for use in the car, simply because if I need that room for my shopping, I can collapse the boxes and slide them between the seats.

My husband leaves his many many hats for work in our car, and instead of finding them under the seat or on the shifting thingymigy, I decided to give him a place to put them. He now puts them under the car seat in the green box. That green box is also responsible for holding our sunshade cover, and spare paper bags. The pink collapsible box is the little princess'...and holds all of her toys, blankets, burp clothes, and spare wipes and diapers.

The little twin stars hanging thing you see is a great way to keep all of our little miscellaneous items. I put spare scrunchies/clips, lip balm and hand lotion, and a paper and pencil in the top. On the bottom two pockets I put plastic bags, and a rag with a small free sample of Clorox cleaning spray. The lint roller is also stuck in there, because come winter my husband will have to lint-roll every 5 minutes to keep the dog hair off.

I also organized all of our car paperwork into a binder with sheet protectors, and put it in the seat pocket in front of the carseat. This frees up our glove-box for all of our car electronics (iPod, GPS system, phone chargers...etc.)

What you do not see in this picture is our cargo area. The dogs sit back there, so I took another one of those hanging storage things (this one was free from Disney), and put all of our dog supplies in there. Extra leashes, crummy old collars for the dog park, and pick-up bags. I also included a towel and brush to clean them up a bit after the park. They wear pretty martingale collars, which are not only expensive but hard to find, so when they go to the park they wear their old collars.

Our little Honda Fit looks crowded, but believe it or not I have fit a full day of shopping in there with its current contents, AND a queen-size bedframe. We took the broken console table from Walmart fully assembled standing upright in this car. The car might look tiny, but it has a LOT of potential, and in my opinion is worth every single one of our pennies. We get 29mpg around town, and 35 - 40mpg on the highway. When my husband was away from home and I took the car on full-day errand runs, I regularly got 35mpg just around town. The only reason we've been reduced to 29mpg or even 25mpg some weeks is the fact that my husband drives 10 minutes to work and back a total of four times a day, and those short trips just kill our mileage. If any of you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, buy a Honda Fit. Doesn't have to be brand spanking new - ours wasn't. But trust me, you will not regret it.

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

You go, girl! Good decluttering!

It's nice to hear some good words about the Fit, too. My hubby is psyched about it and keeps bugging me to go test drive one.


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