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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Declutter Challenge Day 16: Our budget spreadsheet

Since I decluttered our savings account yesterday, today I decided to reformat our budgeting spreadsheet. I originally shared this back in June, and I have decided to reformat this so I can tell where exactly we're spending our money. Not much has changed in this new version, I have just added new categories to account for my rebates and CVS spending. Before, this was just going into the very broad "household supplies" category, and it's more my deal seeking than actual household supplies. Also, when I filed these expenses under a random category, it was hard for me to track how much my deal-seeking was costing us each month.

With this new spreadsheet, I'm able to pinpoint more accurately where we are spending our money. For example, this month alone I've spent $84.52 in my deal-seeking activities. Now, $20 of this is from my CVS mess-up earlier this month, and another $20 I should get back from Walgreens. I've also spent $30 sending out books over Paperback Swap, so this is something that definately needs to be addressed.

Tomorrow I have a HUGE declutter day planned. Last weekend we tackled the master bedroom - this weekend we will tackle the living room and the rest of the baby's room.

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