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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: Playtex Personal Gleansing Cloths

Only 3 pieces of mail today: one piece of mail for the previous residents, a moving form (see below), and one freebie from Walmart - the Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths. They are out of stock now, so hopefully you signed up for one beforehand!

Check my "Incoming Freebies" list every day - I add new freebies at least once a day.

And I just had to say something about our second piece of mail. When the driver left, he was supposed to leave us a copy of the DD1840 form - instead he left us with nothing. I spent 3 whole days trying to get a copy of this form with no success. A very nice lady at personal property then took pity on me and took over and tried to get it herself - and she had no luck either. Well, finally I got in touch with the company and they say I don't need it at all. Yesterday I received our settlement outline and our check is currently in the mail, so I guess we didn't need it after all.

Well, today, I finally receive the DD1840 form...not because I made numerous requests for one, or because the personal property office made numerous requests for one...the reason I finally received one is because the driver can't get paid without it. Don't you just love how the system works? When the customer needs something, they're deaf to our requests, and the only time that they respond is when they can get something out of it.

If we had any choice in the matter, I would never get Allied to move us again. But, we really don't have a choice unless we want to do the entire move ourselves. At least we finally received a settlement, which will pay for our washer and dryer, a new TV, and then some other furniture they broke. I'm so glad that this ordeal is finally over with - it's only been a month! Now I can concentrate on -really- unpacking my house and I can throw away our trash!

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