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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Walgreens trip results (huh?)

I shared my Walgreens last-minute plan with you on Friday, and I managed to pull it off on Friday night before my $22 in RRs expired.  Sorta.  I ran into a problem where the cashier took $3.99 off for each of my four B1G1 razor coupons (instead of $5.99).  Today I went back to the store to either return the razors or get the difference back, and I ended up getting $17.12 back even though I only paid $8.69. 

HUH?!  Walgreens is out to get my sanity.  From what I could figure out, I should have gotten $8 back plus tax, because I had 4 coupons and each coupon rang up as $2 less than what it should have been.  Instead, the assistant manager did a return for all eight of my razors at $5.99, and then resold them all to me at $3.99 each.  HUH!?  Apparently he didn't get it either, but that's what the manager told him to do.  He even pulled my 4 coupons from the coupon-pile from last night, and that's what they decided to do in the end. 

Anyway, here are the details on my transactions (along with the crazy return stuff):

Transaction #1
Buy 8 Schick Quattro Disposable Razor ($5.99 each): $47.92
Buy 1 Glade Wisp Candle: $5.99
Buy 2 Glade scented oil candle holder ($3.99 each): $7.98
Buy 2 Glade glass scents ($2.50 each): $5.00
Buy 2 Hefty OneZip bags ($3.29 each): $6.58
Buy 2 Oral-B CrossAction Power Toothbrush ($5.99 each): $11.98
Buy misc. clearance Halloween candy: $0.75
Subtotal: $87.12
Use 8 $3/1 Schick ESR coupon pg. 11 (-$24.00)
Use B1G1 Hefty in-ad coupon pg. 5 (-$3.29)
Use 4 B1G1 Schick mfg coupon (-$15.96) - took $3.99 off INSTEAD of $5.99 each
Use $3/1 Glade wisp mfg coupon (-$3.00)
Use B1G1 Glade candle mfg coupon (-$3.99)
Use $2/1 Glade candle mfg coupon (-$2.00)
Use B1G1 Glade glass scents mfg coupon (-$2.50)
Use $0.55/1 Hefty mfg coupon (-$0.55)
Use 1 B1G1 Oral B mfg coupon (-$5.99)
Grand total: $25.17 (use $8 + $5 + $4 RRs)
OOP: $8.17 + $0.52 tax = $8.69 (on rebate GC)
RRs returned: $2.00 (Oral-B)
Rebates: $2.00 (#36 Glade wisp)

I wasn't out to get Halloween candy, but they ran out of Bountys, and I needed to make sure my total was
above my RR amount, but I guess in the end it didn't matter with the
razor coupon. mess-up.  Also, note that I got a total of $15.96 instead of $23.86 off for my 4 B1G1 Schick coupons.  That's an $8 difference.  But this is what happened on my return/coupon reimbursement/exchange receipt:

Returned 8 Schick Quattro at $5.99 each: $47.92
Resold 8 Schick Quattro at $3.99 each: $31.92
Difference: $16 + $1.12 tax refund = $17.12

HUH?! Things would be right if they resold 4 of them at $3.99, and then 4 of them at $5.99 - that would have gotten me the correct $8 difference instead of the doubled $16.  But apparently they had to do it that way so there wouldn't be issues with coupon and merchandise count. That makes absolutely no sense to me, but it seemed to make sense to the assistant manager.  I SWEAR I'm not out to cheat them, but for some reason coupon issues/reimbursements always get messed up to my advantage.  And worse of all, I have to stare at the receipt for a good half an hour after I get home before I realize what they did.  Walgreens is out to get my sanity and my moral halo...!

Oh, and on the razors, I grabbed the last 8 in the store so I didn't really have a choice, but some packs had an EXTRA bonus razor in it...meaning I got 4 in a pack instead of 3.  Yay for me.  And last but not least, here's my extremely simple and straight to the point second transaction:

Transaction #2
Buy 2 Oral-B CrossAction Power Toothbrush ($5.99 each): $11.98
Subtotal: $11.98
Use 1 B1G1 Oral B mfg coupon (-$5.99)
Grand Total: $5.99 (use $5 RR)
OOP: $0.99 + tax
RRs returned: $2.00 (Oral-B)

Again, it's not the BEST trip ever at Walgreens since I did pay money for some stuff that I swore never to pay money for (i.e. Glade, toothbrushes...etc.), but on the flip side I did have to use up the $22 RRs before they expired.  In the end though, I guess it doesn't really matter considering the return screw-up made it into a money-maker.

When it really comes down to it, I know that the ball's in their court and it's really their "fault" that they paid me, but it makes me feel uneasy.  It makes me feel like I stole something or cheated them somehow.  I mean, I know stores have some crazy inventory system and they have to make sure that's right in order to get the correct shipments and stuff, but why couldn't they have just popped open the register and handed me $8?!  Would have been a lot simpler, but more importantly, it would have been RIGHT.  Well, I guess it's for a good cause, considering all those razors are going to the USO anyway, so I will just have to buy MORE stuff with that $8 "profit". 

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