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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Steals 'n Deals alert - Huggies Diapers!

UPDATE: This deal is now over, and they are canceling all previous orders placed as well.  You can read the full details here.

Thanks to Baby Cheapskate, I managed to get some super cheap diapers shipped to my door! If you've got a baby in your life that wears size 1-2, you will definitely want to take advantage of this deal!

A box of 264 Huggies Snug & Dry Baby-Shaped diapers are $17.65, and should fit babies between 8 lbs and 15 lbs. Shipping is $6.95, but right now there's a rebate deal going on. Spend $25 or more and receive either a 2-year subscription to Cookie magazine or a $15 refund.

So, buy two boxes (528 diapers for $35.30) and with the $6.95 shipping, your up-front cost is $42.25. After your $15 refund, your cost goes down to just $27.25, which makes it just $0.05 per diaper!

I managed to make this deal even sweeter by using a $5 Amazon gift certificate that I received from taking a survey. I had gotten the email code back in July, so I wasn't sure if it worked, but it did so I ended up paying $37.25 up front. But actually, it wasn't money out of my pocket because I paid for it using a Visa giftcard from AT&T. After my $15 rebate, my "cost" is just $22.25 - my cost per diaper goes down to $0.04!!!

528 diapers is a lot of diapers, so be sure that the baby in your life can use them all while they still fit! Guesstimating that you go through 5 diapers a day, the 2 boxes should last you about three and a half months. But, if you find that the little bugger grew too fast or something, consider donating your leftovers to a shelter or something - diapers are ALWAYS needed!

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