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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Freebie Frenzy for 11/8

I have taken 2 items off my "Incoming Freebies" list - the "Sweetstacks gourmet pancake mix" and the "free tote bag OR water bottle". The Sweetstacks sample requires you to pay shipping and handling, and the free tote bag/water bottle just seems like it may be a scam. I'm sorry if you've gone to the trouble of requesting these freebies, but please do know that I'm just stumbling along like everyone else. I have no inside information whatsoever on which samples are valid and what's not. I'm only human, and sometimes I do make mistakes.

If you do decide to request something off my "incoming freebies" list, do so at your own risk. I'm not trying to lead you wrong, considering I myself have requested them, but just know that there is some risk involved. If you're looking for a safer alternative, check out my "received freebies" list. These are freebies that I have requested and received with no problems whatsoever. However, since freebies can take 4 to 6 weeks (or longer) to be sent out, there is a slight chance that they will no longer be available for request, which is why I offer both an "incoming freebies" list and a "received freebies" list.

Anyway, enjoy your daily fix of freebies! Don't forget to check out my Mailbox of Goodies!
Click here for a list of freebies that I have personally requested but have yet to receive. Click here for a list of freebies that I have personally requested & received!

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