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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: WENDY'S!

Saturday is still a mail day, but for some reason I never expect a large Mailbox of Goodies on a Saturday.  I'm still suffering from my freebie-requesting hiatus, so I only got three pieces of mail today, and two of those were junk...but the third was FOOD!  I LOVE food delivered to my door.  Well, it was sorta food.  It was a giftcard that can be redeemed for yummy food.

I was one of the lucky winners in the Wendy's Twisted Frosty Giveaway that I found out about from Freebies 4 Mom.  I'm really bad at playing sweeps because I just never remember (or feel like) entering them everyday. 

Even with my bad sweeps-playing habit, I still managed to be one of the 10,000 winners and received a $3 Wendy's gift-card.  The sweeps was for a free Frosty so in all reality I was just expecting a coupon for a free Frosty, so I was surprised to received a gift-card!  I can technically use this towards ANYTHING at Wendy's, but Frostys are really the only thing I tend to get there anyway.  Not that I'll be getting one anytime soon, considering it's currently 41° out and getting colder by the second.

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