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Friday, November 7, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: PAYDAY!

I just LOVE it when I get money in my Mailbox of Goodies.  The ultimate goody is cold hard cash!  I received a $20 check from SurveySpot today.  I had JUST gotten a $6 check from them in September, so in about a month and a half I've made $20 doing absolutely nothing.  I was actually surprised when I checked out my SurverySpot profile on a whim - their cash-out amount is at $5, but I didn't really do that many surveys!

I get at least two emails from them a day with invitations to surveys, but I only complete the ones that offer cash rewards.  Obviously I don't qualify for every single one, but since their cash-out amount is at $5 without any processing fees, it's not really an issue. 

Surveys take maybe 5 minutes (if even), and most pay around $2 or $3.  If you're looking for some easy extra income, SurveySpot is the way to go.  This $20 check brings my total "extra" income for November up to $59.01, combined with the $39.01 check from Inbox Dollars.

I didn't expect any freebies in my Mailbox since I'm still coming off my freebie-hiatus due to the blog redesign, but I did get some coupons from Earth's Best for baby food and the like.  We're actually going out for baby food tonight and this weekend, so these coupons came just in time.  Granted, $1/12 jars of baby food isn't a lot, but every single bit helps.

For your daily fix of free stuff, be sure to see my Freebie Frenzy here! 


Lindy said...

I just signed up with SurveySpot. I have signed up with several other reading email sites and they have not paid much money (and they send several email a day)! I hope this site makes me some $.

meagan said...

Ooh, if you're not going to use that Earth's Best formula coupon, I'll trade you for it. I'm sure I have something you would use! Just let me know :)

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