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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: PAYDAY

My Mailbox of Goodies has been disappointing the past couple of days, but honestly, that is to be expected since I did take about a two week long break from requesting freebies.  But today, I got a nice little Inbox Dollars check arrived!  I requested it at the end of September, and while I had $42.01 in earnings, there was a $3 processing fee so I only got a check for $39.01. 

This is my first check from Inbox Dollars, but now I am a Gold Member and my checks will be processed on a weekly basis instead of a monthly schedule.  I wish they would do away with the $3 fee instead, but it's something I can live with, considering I'm getting money for doing next to nothing.  You can read all about how I earned the $39 here.

To be completely honest with you, since I requested my check more than a month ago I have not been able to do anything more with Inbox Dollars than read the emails that they have sent me.  You receive $0.02 per email, so although I've read 99 emails, my total earnings come out to $1.98.  The emails take less than a minute of my time though, so I'm not too concerned.  However, the Gold Membership has really helped out with my earnings, because I have $4.25 from referrals.  I literally do NOTHING to get these gold membership referrals - when someone signs up without a referral, a random Gold Member is automatically selected (and credited) as referring them. 

Once things calms down a bit, I plan on dedicating an afternoon to signing up for some free trial offers.  Before long, I'll be able to request another check (cash-out is at $30).  Inbox Dollars is certainly NOT what I would recommend if you need cash tomorrow, but if you don't mind waiting and doing minimal work, it's a fine program.  Click here to sign up TODAY under my referral link, and I will be very grateful for the extra help in getting to my next $30!

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